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  1. She followed CAA fashion, i noticed Marcio kept tag them in Adriana’s photos. This is the first time i see a model following a modeling agency she didn’t work with.Or what?
  2. To be honest, nobody on Adriana's level at this photoshoot including Marcio Amaral himself. Same for the previous photoshoot at Faena hotel. I don't know what it is for but definitely doesn't seem something big is coming judging by the crew. At this point i will keep my expection at modest level as possible. Her photos from inside of the Faena indeed looked like for jewelry campaing and every pieces are from nibirucollection but interestingly only jewelry didn't get mentioned. So i confused people even tagged in the hair spray brand they used at the photoshoot but somehow no one tagged ni
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    ^ same source (She corrected the tags)
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    Patycantoni insta story
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    Patycantoni insta story
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    Stylehausedesignmiami insta story
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    her stories 178535465_255027829724690_3961515645521683558_n.mp4 75128362_143564761117288_5640868323901841993_n.mp4
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