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  1. new ? sorry if repost
  2. she's shooting VS Pink
  3. soooo boring
  4. martha shooting for victoria sport
  5. Agree. Sui is a better choice than Ming
  6. congrats to Rosie & Jason ♥
  7. i hope she's ok
  8. perfect for SI !!
  9. no news about Rachel & PINK ?
  10. who is she please?
  11. Parisian Nights Ice Angels Silver Screen Angels Ballet Aquatic Angels All Aboard Enchanted Forest Glamour Goddess Ballet de Fleurs Mountain Romance Sexy Santa Helpers Angel Ball not in a particular order.
  12. i love the show this year! But so sad Jasmine don't open the segment or close the show with her fantasy bra .. and the intro without the names of the anggels .. (sorry for my english)