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  1. 124069182_955609134927270_2719062108774958361_n.mp4 86998067_192262065455818_5060047654851062929_n.mp4 88257239_507656176609127_2859605852400082799_n.mp4 89795532_205370330782144_6229111407260113697_n.mp4 90428608_1518429554985906_9154264676015726607_n.mp4 118010855_173250064272224_8846558715579568612_n.mp4 99044388_278757443255467_2758477800676971357_n.mp4
  2. 118577659_169161108021596_2533528760570234843_n.mp4
  3. Juicy Couture Hope these aren't reposts
  4. She reminds me of a mix of Mila Kunis and Adriana Lima
  5. She's 17 almost 18. She's an Aries. ♈Not so sure of her exact birthdate though
  6. Liu Wen:7 Liv Pollock:7 Lorena Rae:10 Lucia Bramani:7 Luma Grothe:8 Luna Bijl:7 Maartje Verhoef:7 Maddie Teeuws:7
  7. Lena Gercke:5 Leonila Guz:5 Leticia Vigna:5 Lilia Weddell:5 Lilly Moreau:5 Lily Easton:5 Lindsay Ellingson:5 Lini Kennedy Oliveira:5
  8. Sure thing! Katherine Konlin: 9 Keke Lindgard:7 Kelli Seymour:6 Kelly Gale:10 Kensington:8 Kim Noorda:6 Kinsey Golden:7 Kristina Peric:7
  9. Shanina Shaik for the Vogue Creativity issue is stunning
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