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  1. @jamiya @Souled-Out if this ever happen, it will inspire the cutest romantic comedy ever. Insanely hot model and her agent working together in the competitive high fashion field never realizing the love of their lives is right there, until one day....(insert the rest of the plot here) lolz
  2. Okay @morpheu, that's enough. To be honest even for someone who's supposedly following her for a couple of years, everything said and done during the last few days, on the news and her IG should be enough for you to come to a more accurate conclusion. Because no, it's... it's not like your sister's love life. And the woman you met. And any other exception to the rule that you're ignoring on purpose. I'll just say this last thing: I respect your opinion, your entitled to have yours, but I respectfully disagree with you.
  3. @morpheu you're obviously sugarcoating the recent events to be supportive but let's keep minimally real shall we? Moving on fast means that you're strong? Come on, moving on fast is the easy way out, it takes strength to be alone for a while and get to know yourself better. I'm not talking about those quotes, I'm talking about everything she advocates about being strong, being confident, her family values and her being a "devout Christian" during her life. It's not what we see. My guess is you're not her fan for long, because if you were you'd know what I mean. I'm her fan and I think she should listen to her fans, they all wanna see her well and achieve all her goals. If you know what life goals she has, you'll know that she's doing the opposite of chasing them, she's making them harder to achieve. And no, I would never go ahead and leave a mean comment to her, even though I believe she should be wiser, I won't hurt her feelings, that would be silly. Her fans are upset because her recent behavior makes the haters look right. And we firmly believe Adriana can be a lot better for herself. And also we care about her image.
  4. This is not "to be considered" bad. It is bad! It's freaking embarrassing! ? It's bad enough to have dated Edelman and then having the gossip websites saying he rejected her for wanting babies with him, not one week goes by, first all those IG posts, now PDA with another athlete in a restaurant, far younger and with a reputation of picking up models! Ah, come on! Give me a break, you wanna tell me it's not embarrassing?
  5. How about what she says and how she acts? Cuz it really looks like she says one thing and does the complete opposite. This is a fact. It's her posts on social media versus what we see on the news. And explain to me how it makes me less of a fan because I don't support hypocrisy? Is she who doesn't seem to be a big fan of herself lately.
  6. But now with the unfollowing of family and friends, maybe its really over. I hope she never dates football players again, so much hate from fans, it's just crazy. Yemen: yes, she must have attracted a lot of attention at the Oscar's party. She looked unbelievably stunning (as always maybe?) Lol. Can't wait to see what's gonna happen next ????? Remember when the media said she was dating Scott Eastwood a while ago? At that time I was hoping it was true, but it wasn't?. Now that's a catch ??
  7. {name}


    Wow. I thought it was a more traditional union ? thanks for the info.
  8. {name}


    Husband. Jamie Mazur, since 2008. 2 kids with him, Anja and Noah (not sure if it's Noah the second, but the girl is Anja)
  9. {name}


    Love it!!!! Thanks for sharing Jas looks stunning too ???
  10. {name}


    Sure! ? Yeah let's see, I can't wait ? ??? A day with Adriana slaying with more than one outfit is always a beautiful day (or night). Loving every minute!
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