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  1. The real reason idk, but maybe he preferred to delete it (and create a new one if he did) for Adriana's privacy. There wasn't much anyway, just an handfull of posts. The stalker commented on one of his posts because of this ig story, the same that made me suspect a relationship with Adriana after she followed him.
  2. He has 2, saw it on his now deleted private instagram account.
  3. He knew already, I noticed him commenting on his now deleted private instagram profile when I first started suspecting they were a thing because Adriana followed him there. He deleted his profile the day after, probably for that reason.
  4. Her stalker was getting crazy as usual I guess, a friend's fan account on ig was targeted as well.
  5. I think she is that way as well, she doesn't do this stuff in public but in private directly to the person without showing it off.
  6. Personally I find that haircut ugly, but that's just me. If that's the only thing I find to complain about her current bf, well that's a very welcomed change in those past 7 years.
  7. As far as I know his ex wife and kids live there, and his company too, being a movie producer it has to be based in LA anyway.
  8. Thanks, I figured from Adriana's story and the phone's camera angle it was that girl but I didn't know who she was.
  9. @ekn where did you get these videos from?
  10. Sorry we posted at the same time the same picture
  11. It was kind of predictable people would jump to conclusion at any picture with a guy, after hinting to her new bf without giving more hints.
  12. gianlucamandelli1 ig stories, slighlty different view
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