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  1. Candids

    Her ig stories
  2. General Discussion

    It is still there, but it's from November 2017 so a bit down under her more recent posts.
  3. Motion

    Her ig stories 28388932_1398859233575245_1226169862203276600_n.mp4
  4. General Discussion

    There are dates for the season 2 already?
  5. Candids

    No need to start an argument, but it was not a case of selective reading. From the way your first message was written I felt, and I guess the other users who commented after too, in it a bit of hostility towards us wishing her well. You explained it wasn't what you intended, and that you wanted to criticize not us but Adriana posting this kind of pictures; an opinion that I don't share at all but that of course you are more then free to express, so no hard feelings. So all is well, it was just a miscommunication problem.
  6. Candids

    +1 I don't see the problem on whishing her to get well soon, we are fans so we care for her, it's normal to express "fell weel" wishes to people.
  7. Candids

    Her ig stories, still sick
  8. Candids

    I think so too, the hairstyle looks different, and if she was at the airport in Turkey at this time we would have tons of other ig pictures, considering ti was uploded 5 hours ago.
  9. Motion

    I asked a Portuguese friend I know and she said Adriana was joking saying he should marry her cousin.
  10. Motion

    Adriana is at 2:43. She says she missed NYFW for the Carneval, something I didn't uderstand well about a joke of marrying her cousin Gustavo?! (somebody who understands Portuguese better then me please help), and she said she had all of Alessandra covers for Capricio Magazine when she was young, and she was super excited to meet her at a fashion show in Brazil for the first time.
  11. Candids

  12. Candids

    Her ig story
  13. Candids

  14. Candids

  15. Candids

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BfNFC8dhIPdKORMfa27pqKcrd38lVvCQpEAwKY0/?taken-by=nicolpeacelove_28 https://www.instagram.com/p/BfNSf3bhHTv8uAsN4MVjcoJ04d6yoYy5GCDU0I0/?taken-by=nicolpeacelove_28