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  1. Candids

    This week, being Thanksgiving in the US, the tv schedule changes so the show won't air this thursday, and the finale is next week. From the post's comments: americanbeautystar:@hello_itsemily Our season finale is November 30th! 💫
  2. Candids

  3. Motion

    Shitty quality and tagged from Scanpix, but it's the only complete video I found of her on the pink carpet Søk Scanpix.mp4
  4. Motion

  5. Motion

  6. Candids

    more afterparty HQs
  7. Motion

    She is t 0:20 for a few seconds
  8. Candids

  9. Candids

    new HQs from PicturePub
  10. Motion

  11. Candids

    You're welcome
  12. Candids

    I didn't mean that you can't post them here, of course not, sorry if you red it that way, of course you can It's just that if we repost again all the HQs with direct upload and not through links to file sharing sites (like imagebam etc), a thing I can't do because everytime I embed the code it doesn't show the tumbnails , we will require hundreds of MBs of server space and since you have to pay for the servres better avoid using more space then necessary. If you know how to post them as links with thumbnails as they are posted in the other threads I'll be gratefull for you to do it I would do it myself but as I said I don't know how to make them show properly.
  13. Candids

  14. Candids

    More afterparty HQs from PicturePub. @Miss Bathory All those pictures you posted are already uploaded, in HQ, on the vsfs 2017 general thread, here : or in the more caotic general discussion section of that thread: https://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/66016-victorias-secret-fashion-show-2017/ where you have to browse a lot to find them tho. I asked the admin to post them here as well, to not upload them all and svae server space, so sooner or later they will do it.
  15. Motion