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  1. Adriana: 10 Ale: 5 Behati: 4 Candice: 1 Elsa: 3 Jasmine: 4 Josephine: 4 Lais: 5 Lily: 5 Martha: 2 Romee: 1 Sara: 3 Stella: 1 Taylor: 2
  2. Jasmine looks stunning, but I'm not a big fan of this almost blonde hair color, imo she looks better with brown/light-brown colors
  3. I agree with everything you said! But she doesn't have to limit herself only to hf, there're lots of good lingerie brands (es. La Perla) that would be perfect for her, where women in lingerie are supposed to look like women, not fancy teenagers.
  4. I just woke up and I saw this monstruosity! I'm going to invade France and execute for heresy those morons of designers that insulted the Goddess Adriana! Are you coming @TKC ?
  5. Thanks for the HQs @Prettyphile
  6. +1 about Adriana, she's a total dork when she is happy