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  1. idk, but I tought they finished everything in June for that.
  2. Imo no, she styled them today to be wavy, but if you look where they fall on the shoulder it seems they are at the same eight of that ig story pic where she said she was going to cut them. They seem lighter in color tho.
  3. Ah it's the same guy who was asking for nude pictures all the time, thank you for telling me. I tought he was banned, that's why I considered this sot be another new user. Sorry I won't repeat the same mistake
  4. Do you realize that wishing for somebody to be fired from her job is extremely rude? And what would true modeling be for you exactly?
  5. Do you know what this is about? His previous ig story was tagged @nba, but I have no idea what she could have to do with that.
  6. But it is this way, since she said it herself on ig that she met him when she was in Turkey for the Dosso Dossi fashion show, the day after, when she missed the plane and stayed a day more, if I remember well. I agree, they spent like not more then a week togheter in person, it's still too soon.
  7. Ah ok thank you, google translator said something about water and a ferry and since I heard that there were big waves hitting the coast near Bodrum I tought it was about that.
  8. This articll says he was involved in the big waves invading the Turkish coasts after the Greece earthquake? http://www.adagazetesi.com.tr/adriana-lima-abdye-dondu-kinaliadada-goruntulendi.html
  9. Ok, apology accepted I was indeed surprised it was you, because I follow you on ig and I like your account, it has always been a nice one, but if you didn't read that it was private you didn't do it on purprose, so no hard feelings.
  10. No not you @Sophie20, of course not! Another BZ user, her ig account is @doutzanageo. I already wrote her there to remove them immeditaly, even anna_rotherio, who was probably involved on the shoots, asked her if she got permission to post them. I wanted to post them to show you she was doing it, because I trusted you guys to keep them for yourselves, but evidently somebody wasn't trustworthy...
  11. They kept it pretty low key, not posting too much on social media outside that ig pictures from yesterday. A friend of mine from tumblr sent me these 2 pictures form a private ig account, I post them here but please don't share them outside this forum because they weren't public, thank you. Since some of you didn't listen to my request and punctually posted them on ig (I know who you are, I wrote you under your ig post ) I deleted them, and I won't post anything private I may find ever again on this forum, because of people like that.
  12. No she worked for Maybelline yesterday.
  13. You are right, and it's true that usually she keep them long anyway, but imo the longer the better on her, they make her even more beautifull giving a fairy tale princess vibe, and also considering how naturally gorgeous her hair are.