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  1. New Adriana story 16280655_1823506537915387_8622545720332779520_n.mp4
  2. Other Maybelline video sent me by a friend 16279365_160706551087140_3043542382906703872_n.mp4
  3. It's for Maybelline, new video: 15233899_1851631048452918_3493361179764457472_n.mp4
  4. Adriana's ig stories. She is shooting something, but I have no idea what it is. 16279645_1834886736782849_8508044486381666304_n.mp4
  5. There's a new video form the VS Sport website. Direct link here. Or if it doesn't play for you I uploaded it here so you can get it. Sports Apparel & Workout Clothes - Victoria Sport.mp4
  6. Are you talking about VS?
  7. Ig stories from kristenlouelle 14394390_252944638470423_6417167802968309760_n.mp4 15212646_182407282241810_8883345574884016128_n.mp4
  8. It's from snapchat? Or if it's ig stories can you tell me the user name, because I can't read the username well. Never mind, found it, now I'll post them on motion.
  9. ^SAME. She did many iconic ones, and she is the only one to have ever had 2 commercials the same year, she should definitely be in one, not counting VS.
  10. New Adriana ig stories 15199396_426982767634182_8314877610689560576_n.mp4 13702608_1918404805055782_7000370223702343680_n.mp4 15197876_738569306311752_6541994026629857280_n.mp4 15199051_1810309839186327_3372619598850424832_n.mp4 15198925_1035414043231382_197581977518342144_n.mp4 15199138_389689881382447_7974972120767660032_n.mp4