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  1. The quality is crap, but in the VS store they have this edit of the vsfs 2016 that shows different views of the models walks, here is Adriana in the first segment.
  2. This is not about you not defending yourself, you can do it using the private messages, opening a new chat group like the one that was very used a month or so ago, or just do it in the general discussion section. What I'm trying to say is that we Adriana fans are lucky to be some of the very few to have a thread with separate sections, to make easy to find things. If you start to ignore this and spam other threads with things that have nothing to do there, not only you make a mess but you go against the rules of this forum. So talk as much as you want, but please not here in the candids section. Thank you.
  3. Ah ok , sorry but since you didn't tag and mine was the last comment I had a doubt.
  4. Are you talking about me????
  5. In case you didn't notice, this is the candids section, so if you have something long to discuss please at least use the general discussion section, since you have already made almost a page of this arguments. Lets all make an effort to keep this forum clean and not a mess, please!
  6. I love this picture I guess it's from one of her Veet commercial behind the scenes
  7. He could be the biggest rapper in the world for what I car, but a man who talk of a woman like that is an asshole regardless
  8. VS Sport video from the VS website link
  9. From jeffreyschnabolk ig stories 17994696_284660335327863_1747698604505563136_n.mp4 16829560_1076884139079115_3728460469707472896_n.mp4 18030643_302306516882736_5719586537671229440_n.mp4 16666721_312371942510120_3523981852748546048_n.mp4 14083685_1050764808358877_2175945180794847232_n.mp4 14909911_431074657255521_8507131174471073792_n.mp4 12409865_130424580842200_6700153968217030656_n.mp4
  10. Adriana's ig stories 16828216_1065338070266853_7962833727145377792_n.mp4
  11. You can see her sitted,from fabio_bechelli's ig stories 17431858_182054912318773_643232521500229632_n.mp4