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  1. Grievous

    Best Brazilian Model;

    Tamiris Aline
  2. Grievous

    Best Brazilian Model;

    Fernanda Cindy
  3. Audreyana Michelle [1] Dasha Khlystun [1]
  4. Grievous

    Problems and Suggestions for BZ - Post Here

    It's not showing the filter but it is back to defaulting to the thread that you're in. Thanks.
  5. Grievous

    Problems and Suggestions for BZ - Post Here

    Did anyone else comment on the search function? It used to default to search just the thread you were in. Now it automatically goes to the advanced settings. Can it be changed back?
  6. Birgit Kos [2]Audreyana Michelle [3]
  7. Sonia Ben Ammar [2]Birgit Kos [4]
  8. Grievous

    Best Brazilian Model;

    Someone let me know when it goes from assigning numbers to actually voting for contestants.
  9. Sonia Ben Ammar [6] Isabelle Cornish [1]
  10. Michelle Randolph [7] Sonia Ben Ammar [6]
  11. Michelle Randolph [8] Cindy Kimberly [5]
  12. Michelle Randolph [6] Rachell Vallori [3]
  13. Grievous

    Best Australian Model;

  14. Grievous

    Problems and Suggestions for BZ - Post Here

    I'm using Google Chrome on an Android phone and I'm getting the same problem. It's usually Amazon, Wal-Mart, or Samsung. I have no idea how to make it stop.
  15. Grievous

    Best Australian Model;