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  1. Klaudia The other one looks emaciated.
  2. Is this Emily? She looks different here.
  3. McKenna Berkley Grace Elizabeth Kate Li Lea Mohr Marina Laswick Sofia Resing Liza Kovalenko Solveig Mork Hansen
  4. I think I figured that one out. The round above it with 2 pairs of models was confusing.
  5. Irina Shayk Lana Zakocela Vita Sidorkina Sofia Resing Liza Kovalenko Solveig Mork Hansen Georgia Fowler Maddie Teeuws
  6. Hey, come on. He may have had some good furniture for sale!
  7. I'm not sure how this response has anything to do with removing dead links.
  8. The one with dark hair is a girl?
  9. That doesn't have anything to do with whether she's still "a babe" or not.
  10. As you post magazine covers that are over 10 years old.
  11. I agree with @Henslow, but would also like a separate forum for candids. Or at least request that candids be put in spoiler tags like videos. I hate paparazzi photos. They're boring and take forever to scroll past because people post dozens of them instead of the best couple shots (if there are any good ones even). People here are quick to jump on someone that reposts something from like 2 years ago, but are fine with dozens of poor quality candids where you can't even see the person's face? Makes no sense. A quick question. I figured out how to ignore a user here on my desktop but I don't think there is any way to do it on mobile (Google Chrome, Android). Am I mistaken?
  12. Where is @Mousematt? I hope he's ok.
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