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  1. Kinda random but I've noticed a lot of disdain for Aiden Curtiss, she's the daughter of a model not the daughter of some random millionaire, actor or athlete. I'd like to have a little faith in her who knows she could be fierce as fuck, her mother killed it back in the day as a YSL muse.
  2. They should give Xiao, Ming (if she's in), Liu and Sui some kinda talking segment where they share their experiences living in China, honestly I'd take that over yet another social media segment.
  3. Damn is everyone getting just 1 outfit this year? Ah remember the good ol' days when angels got 3 outfits.
  4. girl chill, no ones dragging her we're just discussing it.
  5. I could personally do without Roosmarjin the theif and Nadine Leopold but besides that I'm loving the diversity in the newcomers.
  6. She didnt shoplift just any candy bars she stole expensive whole foods organic candy bars lmao
  7. Didn't Roosmarjin have a shoplifting scandal that cost her a bunch of jobs? Interesting that they'd pick her, Someone correct me if I'm wrong though
  8. shes so average looking and had zero runway presence
  9. romee's outfit reminds me of something out of glacial godesses from 2006 no?
  10. and she's so humble and always seems super thankful for everything. love that!
  11. question: what happened with irina sharipova? wasn't she confirmed to be in the show?
  12. yoo!! this is so crazy! she looked amazing though
  13. agree totally hated it, made her forehead look huge
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