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  1. Happy 30th birthday Twitter/Instagram post 8/30/2019
  2. Is there a way to switch themes/style of the forum besides using the default one?
  3. I'm actually excited to watch this. Mainly because of Milla .
  4. Gotta watch this since I liked the first two and Keanu is a God.
  5. Have you guys thought about adding a like button? I feel a lot of users post pictures but don't get their deserved thanks as some are too lazy to say so and more likely to click a like button 🤔
  6. Awe she's always smiling and waving at the paps. She seems really nice.
  7. Aha, copying and pasting the image itself seemed to have done trick .
  8. Adding the the direct link. I've tried different sizes and different host and it keeps changing the dimensions. If I open my sig in a new tab it's the proper size so I dunno why it's doing that.
  9. Queen! I can't wait for the new album.
  10. Still don't know why my sigs are being downsized. Tried every host and still the same thing 😡.
  11. I'm linking my 500x140 signature but it's not letting me go over 300x140 so my sig keeps saving as really tiny. Am i doing something wrong?
  12. Directors John Carpenter Michael Mann Neil Marshall Mel Gibson James Wan David Cronenberg Ridley Scott Actors Tom Hanks Sam Rockwell Joseph Gordon-Levitt Guy Pearce John Goodman Ben Foster Gary Oldman Actresses Gal Gadot Anya Taylor-Joy Cate Blanchett Charlize Theron Emma Stone Margot Robbie Emma Watson Milla Jovovich Angelina Jolie Rachel Weisz
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