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  1. That scarf/cape/tail thing is absolutely hideous. Oh my god. 😱
  2. Non Scans / Better Quality:
  3. Assorted San Diego Comic Con, 2015 (mixed quality)
  4. Assorted San Diego Comic Con 2014, HQ
  5. This model already had/has a topic here. Maybe you should continue to post there?
  6. Wow! I'm so happy for her for being an angel now. It looks like VS is using her even more. Which is absolutely fantastic. She looks AMAZING!
  7. I have recently just, goodness, fallen head over heels for Josephine! Ever since I saw her in this year's fashion show, and imo, she had the BEST walk. So much sass in her walk. Definitely my new favorite model!
  8. Ferrvor Magazine, October 2015, MQ & HQ
  9. {name}

    Karen Gillan

    Rehearsals for Not Another Happy Ending
  10. {name}

    Karen Gillan

    Radio Times Photoshoot
  11. {name}

    Karen Gillan

  12. {name}

    Karen Gillan

    Shooting DW in NYC
  13. {name}

    Karen Gillan

    Shooting DW April 2012
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