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  1. Really, there can never be enough pictures of Renee Murden...
  2. I always enjoy new shots from this woman. Thanks.
  3. Sierra looking incredible. Thank you, @LucyLover
  4. Brave of her to make this change. I prefer her hair longer, but I also think this look could be cool. Will be interested to see how/if at all it affects how she's photographed.
  5. Taylor should just be VS for a while.
  6. Amazing editorial. She is astounding.
  7. Agreed. Would love to see more of Rona's work.
  8. Gigi's thread is turning up the heat today. Thank you, @Ramses2
  9. Possibly the funniest thing I've read all week
  10. Some serious quality in these adds from Kelly. Thanks all.
  11. Thank you, @bump. Jessica is definitely one of my favorite current models.
  12. Thank you, Bettina. I've joked about her doing all the gowns/wedding dresses before. And while I would like to see her in more and different campaigns, I'm just so glad to see new shots of Vika. She's so very beautiful.
  13. The coincidences are staggering: It's my happy place too.
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