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  1. Bye

    Thank you so much @VS19 your so sweet. @jkjk maybe. But I am been annoy lately with new members bringing the same subject over and making a big deal about everything. Taylor not wishing Sara a hbd, Barbara's nipples, Taylor been racist, Romee's fake horrendous boobs, Elsa's lip, Jo's face, about the nepotism models suck that they are boring, etc, etc, etc.
  2. Bye

    I decided to leave for while I still don't know is going to be temporary or permanently. I am going to miss some of you guys. @jkjk @VS19 @gotportugal @peroxideblonde @Limerlight @Prettyphile @PinkCouture @toodarnhot @maddog107 @Stormbringer @Stromboli1 @TMH @lostdiadem @ILUVAdrianaLima @[email protected]@RIP_Cabrini_Green @Ewciolina @Dolorian @Sunshiine @Candylicious. @frenchkiki You were great, fun, & entartaining.
  3. yada is cute. I want to see more of her. The models in group I would like to see for the holiday are at least dropping 4girls (Lily, Behati, Stella & Martha and making it 2 group with 5 models Adriana, Candice, Jasmine, Alessandra, & Elsa Sara, Romee, Lais, Jo & Taylor
  4. Congratz Lais, her boobs are pretty firm for having a kid, they still look pretty good and nice.
  5. Gabriella Wilde [7] Kristen Stewart [8]
  6. Valentina Zeliaeva [7] Lara Stone [8]
  7. Charlize
  8. Chandler Bailey [4] Paulina Kurka [6]
  9. Sara 75 Lais 25 Yara 25 Charlie 10 Lana 35 Marina 30
  10. What about the FB shot? They usually shoot it in July
  11. Let me rephrase it her nipples are gross.
  12. Roosmarjin 10 Maia 10 Gizelle 20 Hannah 60
  13. Natali 100 Eizabeth 75 Romee 25
  14. Amanda Kate Olivia Megan
  15. Lais (I really like Dionni boobs the most but nobody is voting for her so I give my votes to Lais. There is more of a chance to beat the other models) (Ems boobs are saggy and her nipple are too big, gross). Crazy how Kate did not made it to the top. I was expecting better for Solveig, but she is very underrated not so love in here, so it makes sense.