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  1. SI definently needs to keep her
  2. Devon Windsor 2Jessica Gomes 1Liu Wen 5Lauren Layne 3.5Imaan Hammam 1Anna Ewers 1
  3. Rachel Cook [6] Olivia Pickren [4]
  4. But is different with Barbs because she is actually curvy. That was the problem with VS they don't really like curvy models that is why I am kind confuse why they like Jo so much and they use her so much. Same happen to Vita and Erin when they gain weight they got drop. They like really skinny models so yes there is a potential to make her angel. She has similar look with Miranda Kerr in certain angle.
  5. Wow gorgeous. Wonder bra is been having beautiful models lately first Miranda then Solveig now Georgia. They are doing so much better than VS lately too, their lingerie looks more womanly than teenage as VS going to this route. I am thinking moving myself to wonderbra and the price is better because is cheaper. I don't like waisting 50 dollar for only one bra.
  6. @Stormbringer why are you copying me? I had my Vita avi first. Now I need to change my avatar.
  7. Anna Nicole Brooke Zhanna
  8. Dioni Tabbers [4]Bar Refaeli [10]
  9. Jacqueline Oloniceva 5Daniela Braga 1Romee Strijd 4Luma Grothe 4Avril Alexander 3Kate Upton 4.5
  10. Hopefully she is back next year. ROTY They should have giving to her.
  11. Watching the making of Nina her face is awful too skinny Davis she is pretty she is so much better in motion. Sam she only came for a second which is good. Mia she is so much better in motion, one of the best body according for my dad. Rose she look good to me. Her name goes with her because she is pretty as a rose. Bo. She is hot her face is not that ugly how the majority of you guys say, I found it pretty. Hailey is flat she has no ass. Vita: not enough of her if you blink you miss. I only got too see her big booty for a second. Myla has some huge boobs. They focus too much on her. She has a decent body. Barb not enough of her. Love her accent is so cute. Chrissy she looks so much better in motion and her body looks goo for having a baby, I don't get the hate towards her. I like her personality, she is funny. Robyn she looks actually pretty and nice didn't even recognize her. She looks better this year, and in motion too. She is not even fat. Bianca is too skinny and flat ass, ugly face. Lais is too skinny, with 2 melons in the front and 2 melons in the back. Her torso is way too long. Wtf with people complaining about her English accent! is understandable and cute and it sounds way better than the queen Lima and Sofia Vergara. English is not her first language so what do they expect from her people are just tripping. Where is Kelly Gale and the model search girls? I didn't see them at all. Christy ok we get it she still has a nice body for a 63 year old, was gorgeous when she was young . Sailor she looks like her mom, she is the pretty sister. Alexa she looks like the brunette Hannah Davis sister Serena: there is nothing feminine about her, I am sorry but she looks like a dude. My dad made me change the channel when she came out in the screen. Genie: she is pretty Fergie: she looks good to me. her butt is still look curvy big and nice. She is still pretty. Ashley: is full of herself. Not humble at all. ugly personality. She needs to shut up. She has pretty face that is all. Kate: Now I am curious too know if her 2 sister are pretty as her! Love, love that there were no commercial If I didn't mentions some models or athletes is because they are not memorable. Hopefully I didn't forget anyone. Muscles on women is not sexy. Is sexy on men. They need to stop with having muscular women in SI it just makes me think they have penis. Is okay to be tone and have a 2 pack is acceptable and nice.
  12. Hi Kells. Who's the goddess in your profile gif? :smile:

  13. Is already Feb they still haven't announced which models are still staying and dropping or adding any new models in the angel contract list. I am assuming they all renew their contract. I know Lais has renew her contract for another 2 year for sure. What about the other girls?
  14. So are you guys going to make any GIF for the models in avi sizes? Especially Barbs,Vita, Lais, & Rose