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  1. Candy hasn't even come it yet so I there is still hope for you about her winning. Sara an Adri both got 4697 so wouldn't that be a tie vote?
  2. Gisele Budchen [6] Bianca Padilla [5]
  3. 1. Dioni 2. Tanya 3. Natasha 4. Edita 5. Anthea 6. Kelly 7. Anne 8. Sarah 9. Hannah 10. Anastiya 11. Hilary
  4. Hannah Barbs (Sorry Edita ) Lais
  5. Emily Didonato [8] Gisele Bundchen [10] giselino wins I found Emily prettier but Gisele is a better model. And I am getting bored of Emily is time for a change up.
  6. Ginta Lapina vs. Jourdan Dunn 1.5x1.5Brooke Perry vs. Karlie Kloss 3x0Sui He vs. Lindsay Ellingson 3x0Josephine Skriver vs. Jacqueline Oloniceva 0.5x2.5Adriana Lima vs. Sara Sampaio 0x3
  7. It looks like Martha gain some weight and she looks better
  8. Tanya Sara
  9. Irina Sharipova 7 Mckenna Berkley 2 Jessica Stam 5 Cintia Dicker 6 Jourdan Dunn 6 Jacquelyn Jablonski 1 Elly Sharp 5 Erin Heatherton 10
  10. Visiting or Working either one
  11. I don't know why but she always reminds of Scarlett Johansson and sometimes to the Australian actress Indiana Evans