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  1. Reifler?
  2. Amber 7/7.5 Carmella 6/4 Jasmine 6/5 Vita 10/10
  3. 8. Luma 7. Lindsay 6. Nicole 5. Bella 4. Sandra 3. Annika 2. Izabel 1. Jessica
  4. Julianne Catherine Evangeline Tatiana
  5. Wow. Too damn sexy
  6. Those videos are hot
  7. Honestly I would like it in E! Or Audience
  8. What about abc? I would like on it E!
  9. They need to change to a different broadcast. Fox would be a better option
  10. Why would she put it on her Instagram account?
  11. MJ please open your eyes and hire Michaela Karakova
  12. Fire Martha Hire Michaela Karakova
  13. OH My... what a stunner. I like this version more than the one with Helena Christensen. She is a thousand mile soooo much prettier/sexier than Helena. Who wants to make me GIF from alll the videos that are post in her thread.