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  1. For SI 2018:
  2. Loving all the updates!
  3. I dunno… Marisa Miller thought a guy doing her body painting was gay but turns out he wasn’t. They asked her, “Didn’t you notice how excited he was?” But I guess slathering on lotion takes less skill so they could be picky and only have a gay man to do it
  4. According to @MarVS, he is in the Bahamas with her for her SI shoot.
  5. Video: Dessie Mitcheson | Casting Call | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
  6. With her boyfriend:
  7. She tagged the hair stylist:
  8. You mean tan lines?
  9. Oops, maybe that’s why Sandra Kubicka is mad…
  10. What’s this?
  11. Neon theme continues!
  12. Sneak peek downloaded (2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue)
  13. Downloaded (Barbara Palvin)
  14. Barbara again for SI 2018!
  15. Xenia’s Instagram update: Source: Source: