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  1. Maybe even Taylor went, “Oh shit, I’m gonna have to open the whole show?? How am I supposed to pull that off??” and that’s why she was so ho-hum when coming out of her fittings. Watch VS style Taylor like a little girl for the opening. Gotta hit that male fanbase! The name change could be a legal thing since the show is no longer on the CBS? I actually was under the impression that Devon was smarter than the average model before Model Squad exposed her. I guess she made a fool out of me Ming lost me when she lied about having an injured leg. She was getting sympathy for the fall anyways, so I don’t know why she felt the need to blame a non-existing injury for tripping on the runway. So, I’m not here for VS gifting an opening of a segment for her for that. Someone put a root on VS on Halloween for that extra power and it took hold on November 1st.
  2. Taylor did get attention on Pornhub the first time she walked the show over the other girls, so I guess VS is banking on her having a pretty face that appeals to the public. A little innocent and sweet look, which girls can find both relatable and aspirational and guys can find naughty. It seems that Taylor being the darling of VS is back on again. To her credit, she had that “Who’s that girl?” impact more so than the other new Angels but she hasn’t been able to back up her commercially appealing looks with true desire to be a top model.
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