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  1. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Elsa needs to refund the money Biotherm paid her. Random people on the street have more glowing skin than she does.
  2. Confessions

    When I was young, I couldn’t tell whether Michael Jackson was a man or a woman
  3. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    To the contrary! She looks aged af. The fan has better skin than she does. Can’t have photoshop on the streets, Elsa.
  4. I don’t know how to make one…
  5. The Otter Thread

    @Limerlight Watch with sound:
  6. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    Men love to posture all day but a lot of them secretly think: Nicki Minaj - Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown
  7. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    Alexis Ren is gonna get the cover.
  8. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Josephine’s face not being symmetrical so she has “two faces” I guess.
  9. You can’t hide from me, I saw your original comment!
  10. General Celebrity Gossip

    Former NCSI actress:
  11. General Celebrity Gossip

    Minka Kelly:
  12. General Celebrity Gossip

    http://www.tmz.com/2017/10/12/harvey-weinstein-dinner-arizona-rehab-sexual-harassment-firing/ Narcissistic sociopaths are incapable of killing themselves so his recent outburst was just a ploy to gain sympathy?
  13. Xenia Deli

    Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BaE0hz_F4MK/?taken-by=xeniadeli IsaDora Blush & Glow Perfect Eyes Natural Matt Oil Free Foundation Iconic Nails Source: http://www.isadora.com/global/
  14. General Celebrity Gossip

    Yep, Alicia Vikander and Jennifer Lawrence are the top guesses. Someone pointed out that Alicia got a deal with Louis Vuitton and Vogue covers. Weinstein is good friends with Bernard Arnault (CEO of LVMH) and Anna Wintour. And that she was added on Burnt, which was released by TWC, even though her part wasn’t in the original script.