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  1. Donald Trump – sex Donald duck – talk Ronald McDonald – push off a cliff Your pet Your boyfriend or girlfriend Your friend
  2. Who would you like to have a meal with (alive or dead)? – Marilyn Monroe What food do you detest? – Blood sausage Where is your favorite place you have visited? – Lakeside When will the world end? – I don’t think it’ll end till there is e.g. a giant meteor strike so it could be millions and millions of years from now Why do people not learn from failure? – Behavioral patterns Who is the most attractive past or current young celebrity? What would be your fantasy job if you were able to pick whatever you wanted? Where have all the gentlemen gone? When would you be ready to get married? Why did you break up with someone?
  3. I have had that happen too! (Xenia Deli’s thread, which I have been updating.)
  4. I love off-shoulder tops and dresses! I find them to be really flattering. Don’t be afraid to try them on, ladies!
  5. To me, Charlotte McKinney is more of an example of men and women finding different things more appealing. Plus, the competition is mainly a face competition.
  6. That competition is weird for a lot of well-known models. I think that people voting “no” often has more to do with a reaction to the models’ perceived (over) popularity rather than them truly not finding them objectively attractive.
  7. Xenia and Sandra Kubicka: Source: IVONNE PETITE FW2016 - St. Petersburg Source:
  8. 2017 SI Swimsuit Issue video on YouTube: Sailor Brinkley Cook | Outtakes | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
  9. 2017 SI Swimsuit Issue video on YouTube: Nina Agdal Risks Her Life For The Perfect Shot | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit
  10. Does anyone else feel a bit sad about Playboy’s new direction? I think it’s smart of them to go for the fashion model look and natural beauties when selecting their models but I feel a bit bad for the type of girls who used to be made into Playmates because they have no chance of that happening now that even a freaking Victoria’s Secret runway model is a Playmate! I liked the idea that a gorgeous girl could get in the magazine and launch a successful modelling career that otherwise wouldn’t have happened due to her not being tall enough or being too curvy for regular fashion modelling. Is there any hope for cute and pretty girl-next-door types now that even modelling for Playboy has been taken over by pretty established fashion models? I guess there is always Instagram…
  11. Were you affiliated with the Scantilyclad channel?
  12. This article paints a picture that the fight happened because James Packer’s friend David Gyngell was mad that James Packer had left his wife and kids for his girlfriend Miranda Kerr. So maybe only three billionaires?
  13. ^ Thank you!