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  1. Has anyone ever told you that you look like a certain celebrity? Do you see the resemblance at all? Who is the celebrity in question? Please share your stories! To start off, I once had a co-worker say that I look like a character/actress from a TV show titled Hotel Babylon. I did not get why she thought that and when I told my friend about it, she did not see the resemblance either.
  2. Hmm, will you be preparing the food yourself? Have you cracked Chrissy’s cookbook yet?
  3. What kind of party are you planning?
  4. I’ve got the perfect woman for you: Kelly Rohrbach. She is a blonde SI model model and she is from Greenwich, Conn.
  5. BARF. Pussy for Putin:
  6. Thank you for the reply! You mean you think that he doesn’t want kids and she probably does?
  7. @Prettyphile What do you think about a relationship such as Xenia’s marriage? (Or what is your first instinct/gut instinct since we don’t know them personally.)
  8. You mean the model you messaged here? Daniela Lopez Osario would be a good comparison to Xenia Deli: I would like to make a distinction between a model like Xenia – who is successful, somewhat famous and has worked for brands (such as Victoria’s Secret) that have solidified her reputation as being very sexy and beautiful – and the likes of Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel etc. who are on a different level when it comes to money, fame, success, and popularity. So, the question isn’t really, “Would you marry your number one dream girl?” but rather, “Would you marry a beautiful model if you had the opportunity?”
  9. Xenia’s Instagram pictures From 1 January 2017 onwards: Source: Instagram videos: Wedding Reality TV show
  10. @Cult Icon To anyone who wants to answer: If you were a rich businessman in your sixties, would you marry Xenia Deli (or someone similar)? If so, why and if not, why not?
  11. Xenia Deli’s Instagram pictures (including pictures of her friends etc.) From 10 October 2016 to 31 December 2016: Source: Instagram videos: Birthday Wedding
  12. I knew it! Surprise, surprise, the one with zero chances out of the bottom row is the only woman. Two women can’t be running for president with good chances but several men can.
  13. The woman?
  14. 2017 SI Swimsuit video on YouTube: Lais Ribeiro, Kelly Gale & More 2017 Rookies: Bikini Change Challenge | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit