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  1. im so excited she is dating Pietro i mean hes is fuckind dreamy ... im just gonna say GET IT SISSS!! ... can u guys imagine both in events ? hotness overload
  2. according to BazaarUk she was dissapoited with VS ... same sis same
  3. this is boring guys at this time we were probably seeing sketches of the show and the boards . BZ most boring year honestly 😥
  4. still thinkin how Hanna Edwinson would be perfect for VS for real she is improving alot
  5. missing photographer Ben Watts for VS swim cause those are meh.
  6. i find A LOT of Savage X lingerie VERY VERY TACKY TBH.
  7. thanks Kane 1 more christopher.peterson ig :
  8. i cant with Jo dress i feel like is too long for her especiallly in the third picture
  9. same about Babs tbh . dont like it best at the HB Icons for me were Grace , Candice , Elsa and Jasmine . Romee dress and hair were very pretty but her postures are getting wierd like something going on with her neck , Stella was ok . the worst were definitely : Lais, Sara , Jo dress is a huge mess honestly one of the most ugly dresses ever. and Martha looked old af . girlfriend is from the new angels? more like Prehistoric angels .
  10. hello to him .... i wouldnt mind to have him in all the events dayummm :heart:
  11. for me... Candice won overall her lewks were bomb af specially the champagne color dress and the shirt dress was risky but i liked it The old glam look on Babs with the black dress looks great on her . i didnt liked her red dress but makeup was stunning. Elsa black dress was fire and sexy . and the one with gold was meh ok. Sara outfits were ugly but i woudl say the makeup was gorgeours in the black suit.
  12. some Angels were-are in Venice Festival in Italy lets talk about the lewks Barbara Palvin , Sara Sampaio , Candice Swanepoel and miss Elsa Hosk
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