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  1. balazzon ? bellazon
  2. the problem is not just about showing the nipples. its about respect an agreement or contract . Barbara liked this:
  3. mmmm no...the problem here is that the LOVE MAGAZINE promised Barbara nipples will not show . she trusted them... thats why she agreed on posing nude. the photo was supposed to be with some type of censored in the nipples. People here commenting: ugh Barbara get over it .. why u pose naked then? why u did lui?...... lol .... its ALL about the agreement that she and the magazine had.
  4. breeatiful ... i think its for ROSA CHA ... the guy with yellow shorts works for them. almost sure is for rosa cha.
  5. btw lini kennedy and hanna edwinson together! hopefully they work with VS soon
  6. the tea about taylor and sara its interesnting
  7. yes i just checked u liked her for years , i knew it u will like her hehe
  8. ohh i searched rudy... so its rudenko . cool thanks
  9. to me like a mix of taylor hill with robin holzken
  10. i have no idea but it looks like she is ukranian
  11. agree with more pounds for PINK she could be a knockout
  12. yes she is stunning but too skinny for my taste with some more weight like Dasha and she is perfect for VS
  13. and she knows Dasha! i feel like she needs some extra pounds to gain to be perfect