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  1. hopefully tomorrow they reveal more girls cause things are getting boring AF
  2. thats a lie they mentioned more models like Taylor Hill too.
  3. its done . i just realized some girls did a video for LOVE and they just cut off and never show them like Sofia Richie and Jourdan Dunn .... wondering why... happy cause i dont like Sofia lol also some of them did two videos like Hialey B and Jasmine sanders (their versions with Hype williams) .
  4. probably yes
  5. source : swimdaily photo by Ben Watts
  6. Safe to say Rose is not getting the cover this year she looks great! i think Ferguson is getting the cover. i want Barbara to get the cover tho low key want Nina too cause she totally deserves her solo cover but doubt that happens
  7. Official SI Swimsuit Models 2017 Line Up Rose Bertram
  8. Bts Loreal - HQ´s
  9. pagesix usually exaggerates things and sometimes lie, so we dont know (steal the show? is just to get attention). the only thing true is that they were at Jimmy fallon afterparty according to who is a good source.