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  1. Nina Agdal

  2. Willow Hand

    i was rooting for her for the vs show ... shes like a mix of gemma and caroline trentini for me
  3. Nina Agdal

  4. Nina Agdal

    source: twelvmag.com thursdayboots event
  5. Nina Agdal

  6. Nina Agdal

  7. Nina Agdal

  8. Nina Agdal

    redken via dailyninaagdal
  9. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Btw i have a feeling the FB is between Sara and Elsa
  10. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    it is a fact u have to be blind to dont see the difference between both and im not refering just Bella desigual walk . Kaia walk is better even Bella was in the Alexander Wang runway too and u can tell. but ok if u think Kaia have not better walk than Bella ok
  11. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    a goddamn fact is only that Kaia have a better walk .
  12. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    i didnt said it was Kaia first walk its is her second and Bella against Kaia second walk even with improvedment cant look better thats a fact. Candice and Adri looked bomb in desigual btw with the kisses and stuff. Kaia second walk WINS ALL experienced catwalks of Bella.
  13. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    its between Elsa and sara in my opinion