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  1. source:
  2. how pretty can somebody get them ?
  3. thanks, how we didnt see nothing about this
  4. yes thank u Matt Cyrusss
  5. Unseen Footage for SI 2017
  6. Also Martha needs to go like years ago and bring Hanna Edwinson , Lini Kennedy or Dasha Derenviakina .
  7. Rachel H always had a puffy face and btw why they keep posting updates here about her? i think she is not pink model anymore i think right? i need Grace in Coachella tbh
  8. love her! she would be perfection for VS . hope she can work with them soon , girlfriend have sexappeal and stunning as fuck.
  9. omg so wierd seeing Nina there ! and its a different outfit something like Moulin Rouge kinda ... hope she doesnt suck cause i saw Gigi Hadid on that show and was awful .lol
  10. Sara , Jas and Romee (who i dont like but she looks good there) looks the best . Photographer: Taylor! please just two pictures pleaseeee Taylor: god damn it!! ok :
  11. in HD u mean? yes