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  1. They were SO perfect!! I'm still extremely angry with her for getting that ridiculous surgery. Alexis, Hannah Davis, and even Bella Thorne ruined perfect bodies with cheap-looking plastic. I just don't understand how so many women can have such low self-esteem that they feel they need these implants when they've already got great breasts.
  2. I'm no health expert, but she's very young and grew tall very quickly. Guaranteed she'll fill out in 2 years. If she looked like this at 20 there would be a serious issue.
  3. "WOW!" seems like an understatement. She's incredible.
  4. Thanks, all! Absolutely amazing. She's so beautiful. This, by itself, almost makes up for the worst SI Swimsuit issue in history.
  5. Please, oh please...does anyone have the video!? It's deleted from Instagram. She's my favorite!
  6. Where is that video for the screencaps?
  7. The daughter of Christie Brinkley needed to 'take her power back'? Who stole it? This is a very silly, typical thought process for a teen...which she is. I don't find it offensive or objectifying, but I also don't see the so-called power struggle and how this solves it. At best, it's self expression and (finally!) some un-photoshopped pictures. Paulina looks absolutely amazing, btw.
  8. Root for her as a person, yes! Root for her as a plus-size model? Absolutely! Even the "In Her Own Words" side project. Sure... But the SI Swimsuit issue? WTF'ing F!? NO! This is (WAS) the elite of the elite...
  9. I agree with everything you said, except I have Barbara and Robin in top group...would add Georgia Gibbs in the TOP tier. She looks amazing. Sloane looks like a dude.
  10. They blur out nipples in the videos...like THOSE are the offensive images we are subjected to... Sorry...I'm just really pissed off tonight seeing this issue. MJ has taken her BS political agenda to an absurd extreme, and it's ruined what was once the best magazine issue around. I'll sign whatever petition exists to throw MJ out and bring back the SI Swimsuit Issue.
  11. Been clicking next for an hour...I've seen Tambria 7 times, and a one-legged model 4 times...still no Barbara or Robin. They are probably fixing the rotation to make sure those that no one wants to see are getting video clicks. I'm not trying to be mean...but damnit, this is the SI Swimsuit Issue! That should mean something. It used to... I long for the days of Brooklyn and Bar.
  12. Hover over the video to get the next options in the bottom inside the player. Samantha Hoopes used to be bottom of the barrel...now she's top 5. Frightening.
  13. I don't believe the shit I'm seeing. Yikes. Fo Realz. This is an absolute joke. Where's the hidden camera? Issue saved so far by Georgia Gibbs. Wow!!
  14. Couldn't agree more. With the emphasis on severe obesity and plastic surgery, I'd go one step further and say they are 'striving' for mediocrity. Sports Illustrated swimsuit used to mean something for those the got in the issue. Now it's just checking boxes. Thank God real sports haven't started integrating the same BS, trying to force change on how we feel about what an athlete should be.
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