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  1. From the Fracomina Website, fracomina.it
  2. I know what Enrico_sw means and I totaly agree with him.
  3. It means that she doesn't show up often lately.
  4. Hello! Do you have that Barbara part of your signature available to download somewhere?

  5. Sadly she seems to sneck up lately...
  6. The world became realy prude, the conversation proves that. But I don't think that Barbara has a problem with nudity... it's more a question of the payment etc.
  7. Learn how to read, he was hoping to see her nipples, but he didn't say he was hoping for private pics hacked from her phone or whatever, he was hoping for backstage / unreleased photos from the SI Shoot.
  8. Oh God! Nudity! Help! The Devil himself created nudity! ... No wait... nature can't be wrong about nudity!
  9. lspace.com (All I could find with a quick look)
  10. Check the first Post on this site.
  11. Well it seems she was at home over Christmas and New Year... guess if new things are happening then this going to be right now. Does anyone know if it's true that she is going to be back with Calzedonia this year as well?
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