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  1. Because VS paid him to.
  2. So many VS rejects in one pic!
  3. What does this have to do with the Fyre Festival? Also, why is Stella nekkid on her cover?
  4. James Corden probably has the biggest boobs out of that list. Yay! for Billie Lourd though.
  5. We cannot confirm nor deny this. And even then, she is forever bound to VS.
  6. She's done very well as a PINK girl and she's still one of their most use models right now. If she leaves it'll most likely be her decision.
  7. TBH, I wouldn't be surprised if Candice & Behati were either gone or bumped to an Adriana/Alessandra type contract. They have been gone a long time now, it's starting to get suspicious. The other girls (bar Adriana) all came back sooner than that IIRC.
  8. They're touching each other's butt. If their butts were on their thighs.
  9. So nice of her to do.
  10. What do they say? *serious question*
  11. Not everyone. I wasn't there.
  12. MTE
  13. Well, her friendship cheques from T Swizzle must pay well enough anyway.