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  1. Paging @PastaFreak This is your chance gurl!
  2. Okay. Enough stupidity for one day. I'm out.
  3. Cause she models lingerie not couture. You do know you're in the VS thread right? Lingerie models are supposed to sell a fantasy. I don't think we live close enough.
  4. (For the record my BMI has never been over 20 and my collar bone and ribs are quite visible) Your DNA interacts with your environment, ya know? Saying you are naturally skinny implies you can't be fat. Which you can, if you become less active and eat more. Unless you have hyperthyroidism or Cushing's syndrom and the like, your weight is more dependant on physical activity and iet than it is on DNA or whatever else you come up with. Case in point VS models repeat over and over how hard they work for that body. Is it "natural" to work out like an athlete every day of the year? And once again you are on a forum about modeling. You asked what people have against a certain model. They gave you their reasons for not liking her. If you want people to stop talking about looks, go elsewhere. Looks are the very effing basis of this industry, even more so when one is modeling underwear and marketing fantasy. Martha gets paid millions for basically looking pretty, I get paid much less for the work I do. I guess if people want to criticize her for not doing her job right, that's fair. If she can't take it, she can go work in another field.
  5. Okay, first off all, there's no such thing as naturally skinny. Some people may be more active and stuff thus gain less weight but that only matters marginally. Second, Martha is a model. She gets paid based on how she looks, she does numerous videos each year about how she works for that body, so it is definitely fair to criticize her on that, just like it is fair to criticize Megan Fox on her acting. Limerlight likes girls who are a bit more shapely than she is, big deal! That's his taste. Unless you wanna get in his pants, you can stay as "naturally skinny" as you want, it shouldn't matter to either one of you.
  6. She can do squats. I hear it worked very well for the Kardashians.
  7. It's okay, bb. You're allowed to be wrong about stuff sometimes.
  8. The description on YT: paris \ 'pa-res\ n 1 : a sentimental yearning for a reality that isn't genuine 2 : an irrecoverable condition for fantasy that evokes nostalgia or day dreams The whole song is nostalgic and the point of the video is that Martha is sad at first and then she lets go (the fall) and she becomes happy. Modern poetry at its finest.
  9. That was the point. Gurl is supposed to look depressed. She uglified herself for the video. Method actress!
  10. All the Emmys, tbh! Freedom! '90, hew?
  11. They only announce big shot models are leaving when the fans get upset (see Doutzen and Karlie). Marisa & Miranda didn't even get a real announcement from VS, Heidi also did her own. Most of the other girls were just phased out.
  12. Also, breaking, the sky is blue. Unless it's cloudy.
  13. Pleasure fluid? Like really, really?
  14. It's probably either: A) Josephine sells better B) VS wants invests more in Josephine. I think Angel contracts are basically a given amount to call dibs on the model compared to other brands + some level of exclusiivity and then pay as you go for each shoot.