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  1. Shut your whore mouth! Enduring her during the preshow is bad enough!
  2. I keep reading it as Elizabeth's ulcer. That bothers me.
  3. Well, Candice and Lily definitely did not eat their slices.
  4. She's touching his butt, too.
  5. Did Lily get her lips done? Also, not feeling cowgirls for Christmas.
  6. Tobacco will do that to ya.
  7. They don't all have VS beauty contracts.
  8. She should have had them put below/behind the pectoral instead of above/in front of it.
  9. The place in the video looks a lot like the one from the FB reveal from last year.
  10. Adriana is totally "white-passing".
  11. She forgot to pay her follower buyer.
  12. The second time around maybe. But the first time around she took much longer to come back, so no, she is a human being.
  13. She's getting too skinny.
  14. She bought them.