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  1. God it felt like a 90's tampon commercial more than a dang christmas ad.
  2. Anyone need a last minute VS costume? https://www.windsorstore.com/products/iridescent-beauty-jumpsuit-065020097200?variant=18511079243827&utm_medium=social-influencer&utm_source=YouTube&utm_campaign=halloween&utm_content=description-box&utm_term=WA00033&utm_prodid=06502-0097
  3. -rises from lurk slumber- Imho, it doesn't look bad. Do a very simple look like that and throw on ears/a mask? Could be cute.
  4. Shoot, whatever floats the boat. I just see underwire where it isn't needed and man, if I had the choice, I'd abandon that like the wind.
  5. Honestly, I saw the second video and thought of the Mean Girls scene with the school bus 'cause she is just walking towards traffic like....
  6. https://www.tmz.com/2019/08/06/modeling-agency-sues-elite-new-york-poaching-talent-models-managers/ enhhhhhh Alexina...
  7. ^ Doing this but professionally Was missing the hot mess that came around this time of the year. I'll try and be more active on my overnights. Missed your sass!
  8. Agreed! Maybe they are finally getting their stuff together.
  9. Me enjoying a break from training to catch up on BZ gossip and seeing that Alexina is an angel.
  10. Late to the thread but god damn, BARBARA!!!! Finally! ........... And then y'all mention Alexina.
  11. Dipit

    General Discussion

    -insert comment about how you’ll never watch it again here- See you next year.
  12. Dipit

    General Discussion

    Saw a lot ot all about Yasmin. A+ walk, butter face.
  13. Dipit

    General Discussion

    Or maybe, just MAYYBE, they just chose a bunch of shitty performers that no one is interested in? I mean shit, at this point they will need names as big as Taylor Swift or Cardi B.
  14. Dipit

    General Discussion

    Side note, it’s probably just me but I’m really getting tired of seeing Elsa. Maybe it’s just fatigue from seeing her everywhere but she lost her luster imho.
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