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The 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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The PINK segment is called PINK USA, right? So is Jojo's outfit suppose to represent the infamous police brutality in the USA!? :nicole:

I know right... Tad bit problematic imo. Don't give the tumblr users any ideas or else we'll find ourselves with another Karlie 2012 situation  :idk:

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Ok, It's taken me most of the day and night to catch up on just this thread. (Doing other things while trying to keep up-- near epic fail.  ;) ) 
Anyway, what I've seen from just on this thread, looking at the links for the insta's and pics listed outside the official threads, I want to say I like pretty much all that I saw.  Devon's surf"bird", I hope it was intentional! Gigi's hands in Pink... were somewhat scary. 

Before I sign off for the morning, I want to also thank Pretty and Pheno for their super-AWESOME job they did  :clap:  :clap:   And a thanks to everyone else who were posting links and such.   :heythere:  

I think I'll wait to comment on the show itself until it airs in a few weeks. Cuz we all know how the edits are. 


Good night Bellazoners. 

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Thank you guys for all the updates.
I don't think it was that bad - based on the photos I've seen.

I really liked:
BOHO: Candice, Martha,  Lilly and Jo are my faves.

EB: I actually liked Gigi. Sara looked ok. What's with Stella's face?

POAA: Gracie.

PINK USA: It was surprisingly good overall. Josephine killed it!  :ddr:

IA: Not a fan of this segment. Iza looked good.
Fireworks: I liked this segment a lot. Behati looked much better than in Boho. Alessandra and Maria are my favorites here.


I'm mostly disappointed by the Fantasy Bra. It's not the worst FB in history - but the overall presentation was the worst IMO.
Lilly did not look good, those red things beneath the bra clashed with the blue shoes, everything seemed so cheap in 2.5 mil $ outfit. 

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