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  1. sorry but no.. it can't wait... Some women exclusively breastfeed which means they only feed their child by boobs and sometimes the milk is more nutritive than other time etc.. plus, it depends of the need of the baby and his angers too... which means your boobs is ALWAYS ON THE GO... so no, sorry it can not wait if the baby is angry, he's angry and the purpose isn't to show tits to people, actually...why do you or anyone else care that much ? just don't look at it.. life goes on and there's not a thing inapropriate or else in the fact to feed your kids... we can see ass and boobs everywhere just turning tv on or looking to an add walking down the streets so why so much opinion on a boobs that you can barely see ? i'm not surprised that candice is raising her voice to this cause "knowing her" it was obvious, becoming a mother and choose breastfeeding makes you being confronted to people and their opinion about it and no women should feel ashamed to feed her kids because of people who are disturbed by the fact off seeing a boobs, an hour where sex and "intimate" parts are all over the place, all the time...
  2. Definitely missing her too but proud to see that she's is faithful to her heart and prefer stay with her baby... how normal.... Can't wait to see her back at work, i'm sure she will amazed us even though, our Candice will definitely never be the same now she's a mum and considering a temper, i think that maybe she will not enjoy it as much as before... Hope i'm wrong !
  3. All the kendall's hate.. kind of stupid.... her outfit is amazing and so she is in it. This hate is like nonsens.. considering her modeling career, like it or not, she deserves her place more than some others... (and yeaaah, i got it, it's because of her family, fact is she's not the first one not the last one and if she didn't got a little something, she wouldn't be there so just get over it. All cheering Bella and Gigi like they are known because of her talent, yeaaah.. Family isn't inclued in that... same for delevingne.. so stop this hypocrisy when it comes to her, it's boring.) Anyway, not a big fan of bella, it's fade... she's fade, but for Gigi Hadid I always liked the spark she has and the "california blond girl" thing about her. I'm so in love with taylor and skriver, they killed it ! and even with her baby face, Taylor has definitely something strong and Sexy!! and Adriana what a shaaape!! i missed seeing her like that, she's glowing. (kind of remember me the vsfs 2005... the best year for her in my opinion) i was cheering most of all ELSA AND ROMEE which are my favorites thoses times... since my candice is in motherhood. The fantasy bra really fits Jasmine, she was the perfect choice! and as always, amazing body.... oh gosh i miss so much my Candice, it is not the same excitement for me this year, can't wait last year to see her back.. (yes haters, i love you.)
  4. So their surprise is Cara ? Gosh... as much as i love her. I don't Think she fits the brand... ? so if i followed correctly Jablonski isn't in this year?
  5. Constance? Jablonski ? ? Sad that robin marjolein is not in, i would love to see her! Anyone knows if she has been cast at all ? I know she worked with them few times.. Congrats to jas ! She is beautiful in her fantasy bra.. thought Elsa would be the one tho.. I Will definitely miss my Candice (yeaaah haters i know ?)
  6. so all those rumors are true.... i loved her with reid... seriously hoping that she's not just another model in his list... we'll see this soon enough.
  7. did you see this video guys ? sorry for advance if it's not the way to share a video... :s she's amazing!!
  8. okaaay, let's back to the important matters. For me, this picture is with no doubt the picture who can tell that the body we saw on the cover is REAL (because as you know, people like to think their body are 100% photoshoped, it's impossible to be THAT perfect...) yes it is, it just take a lots of hard work and off course healthy lifestyle and a lots of work out. No big boobs needed (as VS like to add her.) no artifice needed, she's simply amazing all natural. True goddess. ♥ This Jerome Duran have for sure the best pictures of her ever take! i'd love to see his memory cards haha.
  9. claiming she'd be here knowing she'll not, i means, ok.. you'll problably have more people attending but... what is the point? at the end she's not so what a bad publicity.
  10. My poiiint of the show ! - Loved the show, the transition.. the segment, the outfit.. tho didn't really appreciate the music this year, but it's getting recurant... they could have choice better music, i means Ellie... The weeknd.. and i really hate the first song, didn't felt it but it's just my opinion. so bad Rihanna wasn't there but so gooood they didn't put Taylor swift again !!!!! - Still not convince by behati's opening... - Adriana and Candice killed it. Tho.. not enought of my sweet candice, i felt it like.. they overused her past years and this year they kind of "hide" her. well, doesn't work. - Too much spot for the newbies... so less for the "old ones" but still not working, only Elsa and Sampaio stood out of the rest of the groups. Kind of missed the old angels by the way. - more and more in love with Sara Sampaio, she clearly one of the big face of VS, wait and see. Romee is growing on me as well. - I don't know why but i feel like Gigi isn't done with VS at all, still.. wondering if it's really for her or because her popularity... (wouldn't be a surprise from VS) - Kendall jenner slayed! too bad they showed her mum.. she didn't need it, this girl can bring it ! - So many models i found "too skinny" vs should stop hire in HF, that doesn't fit their brand. Too many models as well. - Izabel did her hair flip again.... hilarious.
  11. does someones have a link to follow the show pleaaase ? and so it will be at 4 am (french hour) ?
  12. wondering... why marloes isn't walking? she's working with them, just saw she posted a picture like yesterday after a shoot did with them so why isn't she included? she deserve it more than some... ghost face i saw.
  13. kind of pissed of than older angels also gets 2 outfits, like Gigi or kendall for exemple which are newbies. speaking of kendall, it's very shocking how most of people are bulluying her, for me, it was totally normal she tried with them (as cara did too, as KARLIE did too, tho they weren't made for vs too.) but because of her family everybody was just like disgusted and none give her a real chance.. for me she was way gorgeous than some others... by the way, girls seems so fade to me this years maybe cause a lot are more hf girl than lingerie ones so they don't have the "spark" really love josephine skriver... and, it was funny to see how elsa hosk picked the attention from behati.. her "naked" picture have way more impact than behati's one on the table... and so, wtf happened for behati to open this year too ? last year was horrible so i don't get why she got it... anyway, i'm waiting to see the whole show......... for now lets me more sceptical than excited.
  14. Oh god, stop this. Looks Like the palvin thread right now. Everyone have the right to have his own opinion, just get over it. I love Candice and i'm a big supporter of her since her start with vs when i got to discover her, do i care when i read bad things ? No. I'am aware that beauty is everyone own définition, that you can't please everyone, Candice can't too, now positif or negative thing let people have their own opinion and move on to things that actually matters. Not many picture filtered this years ! Still nothing from her fitting...
  15. it's just a flu, 2-3 days and she'll be in her feet ready to hit the catwalk.
  16. Can't wait to see the fitting pictures !! (in hope there will.) candice hasn't done anything for halloween (i means, considering the lack of news.) Unhappily i don't think she will get the fantasy bra. She already had it so... maybe they'll give it to another models, lily or maybe behati (tho... i never liked behati, it's all about her personnality that makes her "beautiful" for me, but it's just MY opinion) but i'd glad if lily got it cause lily always had a "little spot" i means, she is in a shadows of the others big angels and with the newbies it's not going to change, it will get worse i think, so.. giving her this spot would be okay and a good thanks for all the work she has done for them... BUT, i will be very disapointed if they give it to a news angels.. like for major of them, they didn't work that much for the brands and they didn't deserve it yet also, maybe Elsa yeah because she worked so many times for them but would be the ONE. Show is coming closeeeeer !
  17. sometimes i'am sceptical about vs choices.. i means, do they remember they sell FIRST lingerie ? so why do they tooke models without the curves needed? I'am so glad for the half of the list but for the others half.. like what the fuck, i can told you the names of models well knows or in good way too who will be 100 times better and fit perfectly the brand ! not a big fan of Yumi Lambert or Bella Hadid (newcomer) (unconfirmed) (then i hope she won't be confirmed cause... wtf seriously.) Pauline Hoarau like.. boring face ug. Vita Sidorkina yeaaaah! i love her, always knew she will come to this. and so happy for gigi too. Why do they choose so many high fashion faces? cold faces? i know they glam up and everything but they aren't fitting the vs style for me, i don't really understood the casting this year. Look forward to discover the name of the girl wearing the fantasy bra.... hope it's not the new angel cause they didn't pay they due yet. Also, never understood why stella is an angel... why josephine isn't one when she hardly working (much work than so many of their new angels.) so here it is, victoria's secret and the logical.... Hope the show will be good either but considering the faces we got to see, i'am waiting more a boring show than THE SHOW.
  18. all this angels, give less chance to another model to walk the vsfs x)
  19. so cute, and so revealante how people always use the same words about her, beautiful saoul, beautiful human being, down to earth, inspiration... all candy !
  20. birthdaaay queen! once more, happy birthday candy !
  21. Because other models make 1000000 selfies and put them on instagram/snapchat/fb and she doesn't do that. But she can't win, if she actually sometimes does that people on this site complain how VS uses her too much, or how she posts too many photos. I never was one of these people and.. that made me laugh then and still now cause it's all jealousy, obviously vs make work model who sell and she sell that's it.. people have to get over it, watever... remember a time she used to post more of herself ! i means not "more of herself" but we had more selfie ! remember of a vs shoot too where she was with behati and it was full of bts pictures, kind of missing it cause what a beauty.... !
  22. can't stop wondering why candice always seems to have less bts picture than the others... it's like some of vs models actually live behind lens of the crew and it's never candy
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