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  1. I don't know bout you guys, but despite my hate for Bee, she phrased her words rather intelligently and I think people are just making a big deal of out of her comments. At the risk of sounding controversial or being insensitive, I figured now's a better time than any other to say this. I hope VS never hires plus size models or transgenders to walk the show. While I don't discriminate them, I do believe that there's a time and place for everything. You want a plus size models to walk the runway? Great, let's do an Ashley's Secret or whatever it is. You wanna see some transgender model strut down the runway? Let's do a Transgender's Secret instead. My point is, I don't think VS ever intended to come across as not wanting to be inclusive. Like it or not, VS has always marketed their products to ladies on the slimmer side and that's always been their m.o. Just because you can't find a lingerie in your size, it doesn't mean the company isn't embracing said size. That's the problem with the society these days. Everything needs to be made for everyone and that's just bullshit. That Victoria Garrick girl who took to Instagram to express her opinions about Bee's statement is another attention seeking whore, as with Halsey and the Third Love founder. If you look up to a model and aspire to be like her in the name of beauty, good for you. At least you have some body goals to work towards. But if you expect yourself to wake up one day and have the same hourglass figure that models have and you end up blaming said model or company just cause you can't attain that particular beauty standard, then you've got self-esteem issues. Nobody ever told you that you needed to have a tiny waist like Candice's or that you should have a body or booty like Jo's. You personally looked up to them and wanted to be like them when YOU COULD BE YOU. Most importantly, the models themselves are innocent, they had no part in the whole inclusion matter. You don't see Candice telling people that her figure's body goals. Candice was blessed with a tiny waist. She did not starve herself (or even if she did, to an extreme extent) just to get that waist size. Candice's waist has always been that way and she doesn't deserve to be blamed just because some silly girl wants to look like her and when she failed in doing so, decides to take it out on VS by posting on Instagram about how VS is not being inclusive. That isn't VS' problem, it's the girl's problem. I know my comment might rub some people the wrong way, but I'm so over the whole inclusive drama. I'm fine with meatier girls walking VSFS. I could do with someone like Sofie or Barbs P, the kind of models that have a little more meat compared to your average HF models. Heck, I wouldn't mind seeing some celeb face walk for VS. But I am definitely not going to support the idea of Ashley Graham and her big fat thighs hitting the pink runway. If it ever came to a point where we ever saw Ashley Graham strut her stuff on VS, I'm sure few years down the road, someone might be asking for figures like Whoopi Goldberg to strut her shit too. And if we ever get trans people walking the runway, people just might start asking for crossdressers to walk too. What's next then? A RuPaul's Secret Fashion Show? No, just no. The problem originates from you and only you. If you're one of those people going "VS needs to be more inclusive" or whatever brand it is for that matter, then you're the problem. I'm an Asian gay male and even I don't complain about the lack of representation. You do what you gotta do. You don't see me crying about how VS x Mary K is catering their tee-shirts to their female consumers, because VS is a bloody feminine brand. You either suck it up or buy it or you drop it and just admire the shirt from far, period. Likewise, the same goes for Victoria Garrick, Heidi Zak and even that backstabbing bitch who goes by the name of Halsey, who apparently is notorious for disguising herself as some black girl trapped in a white female's body .
  2. Personal thoughts after seeing all the segments a second time. Perfection: Grace Elizabeth Romee Strijd Lais Ribeiro Martha Hunt Duckie Thot Growing on me: Aiden Curtiss Lorena Rae Alanna Arrington Yasmin Needs to go: Sui He Ming Xi Estelle Chen On the fence about the rest, that could either mean good or bad either way. The angels really pulled their weights this year, and it's the vets that are such a snooze fest. I personally don't mind seeing Liu being a vet again, but that girl is more bye than hi for me. She'll probably walk the show for another year and she'll be in my "Needs to go list". I wonder which Asian model would step up to the game by then. Hopefully i-Hua <3.
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