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  1. VS really needs to go on big promo tours to advertise the show. I only saw ads on social media. they should get the girls to do the big talk shows (Ellen DeGeneres, Good Morning America, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon since Stephen colbert low key threw shade at the girls in 2015 with the hot wings bit) and other entertainment bits like Lip Sync Battle. Basically anything to get hype for the show and promote the girls, especially the NA Since VS keeps recycling the same show elements, I want them to fix their PR tours because they're garbage. They might as well not pro
  2. The song reminds me of the "I Want to Go Home" song that Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob sings when she's homesick for Texas ??
  3. I think they're grooming Jo to be their next top girl like how they did with Candice between 2010-2013
  4. So far these are my thoughts on the show after watching the Google drive link (btw, a huge THANK YOU for sharing); will probably rewatch to catch anything I missed. Punk Angels: Loved Candice's opening. I liked Jo's outfit but not her walk; the wings literally weighed her down and made it look like she had a hunchback. She should have worked on her back and shoulders more so she could support the wings. Stella and Martha's pose at the end was weird. A Winter's Tale: I liked how they included the moment between Ming with Gizele on the runway and with Lily backstage. I think Gizele
  5. 2015 was the last year they did Angel credits in the opening
  6. Adriana and Lily look glowing and so happy! Hopefully we get pictures of the veterans together backstage
  7. It's a no from me on Karlie. The hair washes her out and the overall look isn't good. She should have re-dyed the way it was during the 2014 VSFS i like how the eye makeup looks on Daniela B! Here's hoping all the girls have glam makeup, which is such a relief from the trash "no makeup-makeup look" they've done in the past few years
  8. I woke up to 20+ pages overnight and after reading through it all, I am SHOOK!!!!! Thank god Taylor isn't performing!!!!!!!! Harry and Miguel were already unofficially confirmed so not too much surprise when the official press release went live. But Leslie Odom Jr? SHOOK. I love him in Hamilton and I didn't know he had his own music. He's a random addition but I don't mind. I think he'll perform in between segments; but if he's in a segment, I'd want him to do A Winter's Tale. I don't know who Jane Zhang is but I'm glad VS went with a local perf
  9. Ed just confirmed Miguel for the show on IG
  10. This was basically my reaction when reading that lol
  11. I think so too, they'll probably do a farewell video before the last segment. I think she'll lead the finale with Adriana one last time
  12. +1 I completely forgot the mess that was Fyre Festival!!!!
  13. The first VSFS I was exposed to was the 2010 show. I was on YouTube and came across a video of the Heavenly Bodies segment. Adriana stood out to me the most (well duh, it's Adriana lol). I really liked Chanel's outfit too After that, I've been following the shows since. I remember sitting in my statistics class in high school (2012) when I saw on twitter that Ale had gotten the FB. I had no idea how prestigious the FB was but I remember really liking the design. The newer shows are ehh; the older shows are amazing because the girls were fierce and they all had amazing w
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