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  1. Has the show been taped earlier than November in recent years?
  2. They really don't appreciate my man Hamish. He speaks the gospel truth and they don't listen. The last time the show looked distinctly different was in 2009. While 2012 and 2013 had larger runways, they were basically the same thing we've seen for so many years.
  3. I agree! In the past few years, their PR tours for the show suck. They don't take advantage of the location, especially when it's overseas. In London, they only did the Bond Street store photo op. They could have gone to places like Trafalgar Square, the scenic area along the River Thames. Last year they only did a photo shoot near the Eiffel Tower and inside the Grand Palais. The bridge at Pont Alexandre III is stunning and they could have gone to the locations where they filmed the 2013 holiday commercial. VS is all talk when they say they're doing the show abroad but all you get are a few clips in the show's opening credits about landmarks in the city. They never deliver. If they plan on doing the show abroad, they need to be there for more days. A press event, rehearsals, and the actual show taping days aren't enough. I think they left Paris the morning after the show.
  4. @Sanni, you're right. The adult costume sellers are too small for them. Plus it's a waste of time when it's only a temporary thing. Disney could sue VS if they made a shell bra like Ariel's from The Little Mermaid (even though the Disney version is different than the Danish original) or Tinkerbell wings. Disney doesn't have the property rights to Little Red Riding Hood so it's fair game. Plus VS did a red riding hood look in 2009 with lindsay ellingson. I think the issue with a Disney theme is how similar the outfits will look. If the outfit looks too close to a disney princess' look, there's a higher probability that VS will get sued. I don't think VS would want to take that chance and use a big portion of their show budget just to make Ariel bras or corsets that look like the dress of Elsa from Frozen.
  5. Disney markets itself as a family friendly entertainment giant (movies, theme parks, character merchandise, etc). They're all over the globe and are more recognizable than the adult/erotic themed Halloween costumes, which are only around during Halloween season. Disney would NEVER want their properties to be associated with VS due to their "sexual" marketing. Besides, VS is too cheap to pay for the rights to a Disney themed segment or even some Disney inspired elements. Disney would want a pretty big paycheck; they paid $4 billion to buy Star Wars from Lucasfilm in 2012. Sure these are two different scenarios, a Disney themed segment vs rights to an entire franchise, but it goes to show that Disney would want a huge paycheck in exchange.
  6. I think it was back in the 2013 thread for the show or on social media like Tumblr or Instagram. Sadly I can't remember the true source or if someone made it up and I was a fool who believed it.
  7. I heard they initially proposed a GoT/medieval themed segment for the 2013 show.
  8. Those articles are so annoying! It's like "we get it, VS models are skinny." a lot lot of people don't realize that VS girls also do HF and come to VS as a result. John and Sophia have brought a lot more girls that are more HF material lately.
  9. I hope they don't follow the same routine when they do the show abroad: tape during the last week of November, edit the show in less than a week and then air in early December. I actually like it when they film during the second week of November. They get a breather period after the show tapes and before the PR tours. Their PR tours for the VSFS when it's taped abroad is tragic.
  10. I agree. I loved how they included the music from Sexy Santa Helpers in 2014's commercial. I didn't like how they had two separate commercials. My favorite was the opera commercial with the older Angels, Martha, and Lais. I felt that the Private Affair commercial didn't match with the music. It sounded like it was from the 80's or 90's (not hating on the music from these decades, just pointing out one of my observations. Private Affair seemed very corny, even for VS.
  11. I predict Taylor will open the show and Stella or Josephine will close the show. I also realized that Candice and Behati have opened the show between 2011 and 2015 (Adriana opened in 2012). As far as segments go, I predict we're getting another seductress/vixen segment like last year's Dark Angel and Secret Angel. I can also see them doing a heavily influenced millennial pink segment. I think PINK will be either a beach party/spring break theme or street wear themed like 2014 and 2016.
  12. There should be another opening similar to Tough Love. It's one of my favorite opening segments of all time. I think she might open the show since she is the only older Angel in the lineup who hasn't done it. I was surprised she didn't open the show last year.
  13. I'm over the idea of a double FB. It only worked for Ale and Adriana because they're the oldest Angels in terms of seniority. Also, they worked to build the brand into what it is today. By giving every model duo a double FB, whether it's Behandice or not, it devalues the legacy of the double FB and why it was done in the first place. The double FB sound like the VS version of a BFF charm bracelet.
  14. I don't even know which of those three segments were the worst in my opinion. I only liked Exotic Traveler because of Alessandra's FB. The camera angles of Boho Psychedelic were too much. I always skip The Road Ahead when I rewatch last year's show. I feel like BP was a rainbow vomit of outfits and I couldn't get behind Road Ahead. It's one of the few VSFS segments where I don't like ANY outfits. None of them stood out as unique and different. It probably had to do with the fact that VS has done colorful/loud segments since 2014 so these outfits aren't as exciting, no matter how enthusiastic Sophia sounds during fittings when the models walk out.
  15. It wouldn't be the first time VS scammed us. They did it with that Vegas event in 2015 where it was thought the FB reveal would happen. They also did it too last year with that mystery model on Instagram who was gonna walk the show. BTW what ever happened with that??