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  1. Wait what ? there is no show this year ?! I guess I'm late for the party..🤔😁
  2. So now Marta Hunt has a youtube chanel as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKRdF-ExZXo
  3. Candice now (I see the difference sine 2017 VSFS in China) before there was also a lot of rumors but It was always contouring, now it's different. Candice before 2017 and oldies:
  4. No, she has nose fillers it's obvious, I'm surprised that you didn't see it but maybe I'm more into this subject that's way. She did not have any surgery because it's not surgery effect her nose From the profile you can see that is bigger (due to the fillers) but it gives her the effect of less wide nose straight forward. For me, they added to much filler on the bottom of her nose tip. Now it's too sharp for me. I'm not happy about her change also cause I have similar face structers (especially nose )and I always followed her looks for good contouring.
  5. I love Candice I always do, but for me is the opposite, I don't like her look recently.. especially her new nose. Too much fillers sometimes she reminds me of a joker .
  6. I still have a problem with an edit, it's not crazy fast like last year but sill to short time to see models and the outfits. Here is one of my favorite segment where I think everything was on point: editing focus on models I can see the outfits, walks and the final poses.Love a little slow motion, music was great and Bruno gave all the space and attention to the girls. Bring this back!
  7. Sara,Irya and Stella shares the same agent, maybe he helped them with that
  8. I don't get what's your point ? like I said everyone has their own taste and I think it's superb. Do you find everyone on earth attractive for you? I don't think so as far as I remember you also have your taste- so chill out 😂
  9. I cannot see that, for me she is very unattractive. Glad everyone has their own taste
  10. Nothing yet , you can only see particular segments like above.
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