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  1. Yes, i think the french customers are paying for the fashion show. 🤣🤣
  2. It's more expensive than passionata and little less than Aubade. Depends on the bra but some of them are at 70 euros at VS. Aubade are at 90 euros and Passionata at almost 50 euros.
  3. I have a question, is VS more affordable in the US? Because in France this is very expensive..
  4. There was someone asking for Elsa's backstages pictures, i have found some of them. Edit : Sorry it has already been posted on Elsa topic..
  5. Hey people, found new pictures from Sara in the Backstage.
  6. Another class picture. We don't even see the angels. 🤣🤣
  7. Lais explained on her insta it's because she has broken her ankle one month ago and she couldn't train so her belly mustn't be the the same but i have seen no differences..
  8. Yes but i don't get why Martha is so privilegied...
  9. So Martha got an opening and a closing, and Sara got shit.. They could at least have given a last opening to Adriana...
  10. There is one, i'm going to search her, wait a minute. Edit: Found it!
  11. Ah my bad! Didn't read it all.
  12. She has written herself it was! Just go under her last picture posted.;)
  13. Sadie walked in DA, the ugly one. ^^ Sorry for the double post...🙊🙊
  14. She has even taken a plane, i think she is going on a holiday trip, it's in romee insta story...
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