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  1. I'm not really a fan of Diet Prada but "models, fashion industry peeps being hypocrites/stupid during a pandemic" would seem to be up their alley. Have they ever done any posts about fashion people being idiots concerning covid?
  2. Hopefully the industry bans her from any work if she doesn't get the vaccine.
  3. Does anyone know if she has a brother? I could have sworn I've seen a few pics of her when she was child with another younger kid and I'm pretty sure I saw one family pic sometime last year of her family but she's so private she only really ever shows her mom.
  4. Oh god no not him...please Romee stay the fuck away from that sycophant...first Doutzen and now Romee....
  5. Anyone else see the diet prada post on Timur? Hopefully this means we won't ever have to see his shitty hazy filtered photos on bellazon again...
  6. Ya the only way to deal with these people is to ignore them even i they self harm, not her responsibility that they want to direct their mental illness delusions onto her and any acknowledgment of their existence only validates them. She should have management auto block those people....Also, why are there so many creepy turkish guys commenting on her pics recently.
  7. Honestly, Romee has won me over with how amazing she looked at last years VSFS and her vlogs have really made me like her personality but her squinty sexy face is still bemusing. I like Romee as a decent compromise with the new direction VS is going and I hope she stays as an Angel. Its also weird how popular her vlogs are when she only uploads like once a month, I'm kinda curious because it seems like VS has never taken advantage of the popularity of her vlogs. Seems like an easy way to connect to a large audience.
  8. I still can't get over the fact that Alexina sincerely believes that she is some sort of horribly wrong victim and she deserves this for her suffering and we should all be elated with this empowering moment...all the while she's acting like the worlds most obnoxious 6 year old. Are we pretty sure there will be no more new angels until most of the NA contracts expire? Wouldn't most of the NAs have now signed a second contract at this point?
  9. Just something I was thinking about while looking at these Victor pics. Victor is a one trick pony, just another playboy who decided to cash in the tits and ass photo niche but has only a superficial understanding of photography., he's like a slightly less lazy Timur. I mean hes not getting anything interesting out of the models, they are just standing/laying there. I'm going to hell for this but I miss Bellemere's style which I consider to be far more interesting. Its not just the retouching but it was the posing, the emotive response of the models. Of course apparently he's a sc
  10. For me its that $100k just doesn't add up. Let's say an Angel gets paid 100k and has to work around 50 days (events, promo, shooting etc), I know its variable etc this is just an example. That would mean they were getting a day rate of 2k. Which is so low it is laughable so I call bullshit, none of these models would have such a low day rate period simply for the reason they are signed with agencies in these markets which would have higher day rates by default. I mean I live in Dallas, our local agency models have day rates in that range even in our small market usually starting around $1,200,
  11. Taylor is a rare gem for VS too bad her walk was such a bust but that should be easy to fix. She is amazing.
  12. I love Ophelie Guillermand, makes me miss the time where we had Ophelie, Jac, Andreea mixed in with the current angels for VS swim...I think it was 2015 swim one of my favorite campaigns from VS. Simple but nice mix of girls and I really liked the color grading and retouching of the images.
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