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  1. I love Ophelie Guillermand, makes me miss the time where we had Ophelie, Jac, Andreea mixed in with the current angels for VS swim...I think it was 2015 swim one of my favorite campaigns from VS. Simple but nice mix of girls and I really liked the color grading and retouching of the images.
  2. holy shit you are retarded.

  3. The weird thing is that I know people talk about reduced budgets, but the lighting is just really flat, like amateur youtube tutorial flat. It would literally cost them 0 dollars to make some tweaks to the lighting and keep it nice and clean and bright and commercial so saying they have no budget doesn't really answer, I assume they really just don't care but its still weird that they specifically have chosen that type of lighting and retouching which makes the girls look so bad....
  4. Does anyone know what she is studying? I saw in her insta story I guess last week it looked like it she had some school notes. I'm kinda curious how she juggles studies when she travels so much.
  5. It's a shame that most of my favorite models are not as active during this time where we can get so many good pictures from social accounts but since they don't work its usually pet selfies and coffee.
  6. I swear I remember in one of the behind the scenes segments for the show in I think 2015, Ed was giving his usual pep talk to the models and he claimed that "100 million" people were watching the show and then the camera zoomed into some of the models shocked faces... I find it odd that he would feel the need to embellish so much and it sounded so weird when I heard it.
  7. I was looking at wiki for the ratings of past shows and I was kinda shocked because for some reason I though it had huge ratings in the past like 15-20 million. I'm not sure why I though that but its kinda interesting that even before cord cutting took off it was more in the 8-10 million range. I'm going to say it will have higher viewership than last year but I don't think the higher ratings will be indicative of an upward trend. I'll go with 5.5 million and most mainstream coverage and social media will be rehashing Ed's comments instead of it being Adriana's last show. And Sophia and Ed will take the social media mentions as evidence that they are doing the right thing and nothing will change and next year will be the same recycled shit as usual.
  8. I love how that is the thumbnail for the vid, VS showing its amazing self awareness and tact...poor Jo ☹️
  9. Man, Romee looks amazing. Glad Winnie got her dairy cow ass put into that god awful MK segment.
  10. Finally somebody said it. this 100000000000% x1000000000%
  11. Surprised it took so long for "traditional media is dead" "low ratings don't mean anything" crowd to start chirping.
  12. For some reason I found it funny that Sadie "she worked really hard" Newman's comment is juxtaposed next to the top comments trashing Alexina. Maybe they can have Sadie do the next video and we can get rid of both of them. On a more serious note, does anyone know who at VS makes these decisions? Are they using a focus group to pick models for these vids? Or just trying to find a certain ratio of cost and number of instagram followers? Maybe she did it for free or cheap? They have a bunch of Angels and a bunch of models they could have used, I find it hard to believe that anyone on the creative team honestly thought Alexina's personality is something that they want for their brand instead of literally any of the 50+ models they could have used. I mean why not have Romee do it on her vacation? I know people don't like Romee that much but she has a sweet personality, knows how to do simple makeup and she doesn't act like a 15 year spaz. I mean Vogue just did a makeup vid with Taylor and VS puts this crap out?
  13. and the hits keep coming....
  14. Nope its meh...but I'm not impressed by Winnie as person so that might be clouding my judgement.
  15. Just your humble Saudi aristocrat trying to make his way in this cruel world by randomly 'befriending' models. Saw he's trying to get his fingers on Grace Elizabeth. So a Saudi version of Derek Blasberg except I think he pretends to be a movie producer instead of a fashion insider.
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