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  1. A rose is a rose by Valeriya Polivanova @vogueitalia
  2. Balmain Fall 2020 Haute Couture
  3. 25 June 2020 (Dolce & Gabanna show/shooting?)
  4. JP Gaultier SS 2020 Haute Couture
  5. Does anyone have a video of her and Alex answering "couple's" questions on @thesocietynyc instagram?
  6. Love Elle cover and editorial. 🥰
  7. I believe someone will post the photos without watermarks. This is just a preview of the Elton John viewing party and VF afterparty (I prefer the first look).
  8. J.CREW 202002_0122_w_minitrend_1440x794c.mp4 Edit: Photos available in a post by @Carla S from 26 Jan.
  9. Thanks for the updates guys. I really like Collectible Dry editorial.
  10. https://www.collectibledry.com/fashion-and-beauty/issue-14-is-out/
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