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  1. Perhaps she cut her hair to distinguish herself from Candice?
  2. I don't like her work for VS. At all.
  3. Elizabeth Sulcer is also there. I just lost all my hopes for this.
  4. I think it's the other way around - she's happy now so she doesn't need all that attention, i.e., paps. Though, I get your point. I miss that time as well.
  5. I thought it's just me.
  6. I don't think Adriana's IG is much more interesting; however, she' still gaining followers.
  7. Again no cover?
  8. I'm not bitter, just noticed that she looks differently. I don't follow her that much, perhaps that's why I was kinda surprised.
  9. What happened to Taylor's body?
  10. Guys, do you know why she gets so much hate on the Official Victoria's Secret Thread?
  11. http://www.vogue.com/article/miranda-kerr-dior-wedding-dress-snapchat-evan-spiegel-photos
  12. So happy to see her in something other than these Japanese commercials. Though she looks great at this promo tour.
  13. No cover?
  14. Miranda Alessandra Rosie Josephine Karolina Behati Jasmine Lily Adriana Heidi Doutzen Candice Izabel Sara Gisele Taylor Selita Tyra Chanel Erin Lindsay Lais Martha Kate Marisa Elsa Jac Romee Stella Karlie