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  1. Josephine, Sara & Stella are on the cover of new Vogue Brazil. http://vogue.globo.com/moda/moda-news/noticia/2017/04/vogue-brasil-comemora-42-anos-com-sara-sampaio-stella-maxwell-e-josephine-skriver.html
  2. Source: hm.com
  3. Is this confirmed?
  4. He said he isn't invited:
  5. orlandobloom🎁#HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎂to an amazing mother🙏🏻co-parent 👊🏻and friend🎈
  6. This should have been a cover. They all look great.
  7. Rachel in Maximmag
  8. Exactly my thoughts. She's older than Behati and just a few days younger than Candice.
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4396274/Josephine-Skriver-celebrates-birthday-week-bikini.html
  10. Elsa and Jo are shooting in Miami.