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  1. They were shooting for Michael Kors.
  2. Does anyone know anything about this?
  3. https://www.maxim.com/women/hot-100-2017-5
  4. I think Jasmine looked really good.
  5. Elsa looks horrendous in Cannes.
  6. To my surprise, of all the (current and past) Angels I like Stella the most at the MET. Taylor, Miranda, Candice, Adriana are all looking good as well (although not following the theme). Gisele looks good too, but we've seen her in this (kind of) dress so many times before... Behati, Lilly, Doutzen, Karlie I don't like.
  7. Josephine, Sara & Stella are on the cover of new Vogue Brazil. http://vogue.globo.com/moda/moda-news/noticia/2017/04/vogue-brasil-comemora-42-anos-com-sara-sampaio-stella-maxwell-e-josephine-skriver.html
  8. Source: hm.com
  9. Is this confirmed?
  10. He said he isn't invited:
  11. orlandobloom🎁#HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎂to an amazing mother🙏🏻co-parent 👊🏻and friend🎈
  12. This should have been a cover. They all look great.
  13. Rachel in Maximmag