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  1. conjab2013

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    The edit was shit. Unless its the opening, i dont think the camera stayed on the model for more than 3 secs. It would cut to backstage/the performer/another model. Literally, each girl was shown 1 second for their walk, cut to something else, then another 2 seconds for the pose.
  2. conjab2013

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    My biggest takeaway is... Barbara needs to go. I liked her in her first couple of years but this year, she undoubtedly looked the worst. I feel like her eyes get farther and farther apart each year.
  3. conjab2013

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Yup. I hate the new “wing” designs that we’ve gotten in the past few years. Theyre just so lazy and uncreative. Some examples: 1. Having a board strapped into the girls back. Think Elsas 2014 Pink, Josephines Punk, and Karlie’s Circus 2. A bunch of wires with bullshit attached at the end. Like Lilys Firework, Josephines Mountain Romance, and Saras Winters Tale.
  4. conjab2013

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Damn... Josephine’s Porcelain walk was terrible. I know this would never happen but it would be glorious if they edit her out and pretend that Blanca opened in the edited show. Lol
  5. conjab2013

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Rank these “cultural/exotic” segments from best to worst: 2014 - Exotic Traveller 2015 - Boho Psychedelic 2016 - The Road Ahead 2017 - Nomadic Angels Personally: Boho, Nomadic, Road Ahead, and Exotic Traveller.
  6. conjab2013

    Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    My two cents: * there are waaaayyy to many pages to catch up on, so some of the points that i make may be redundant. Sorry. 1. With the pairing of the girls in PA, the split screen may be rearing its ugly head this year. 2. Very strong opening from Candice. And i do agree, she does look pregnant. However, remember in 2014 when we all thought Lindsay was pregnant because she had the same thing going on with her tummy as Candice and turns out she wasn’t 3. Don’t know who Miguel is but still glad VS took a chance in him as a performer. His songs have a nice walking beat and he didnt steal attention from the models. 4. Was never a fan of Romee, but girl killed it this year. She was walking fire. 5. Martha looked beautiful but her pose was a big no. I thought she was gonna do an interpretative dance. 6. Leomie is life. Hope she walks many more VSFS. Shes just so much fun on the runway 7. I love Ming. Sucked that she fell. But i wish theyd show that moment on TV because it is a major moment and it would be publicity for her and Gizele. 8. Still bummed that the Jablonskis’ VSFS run is over. Now, i can only fantasize about them getting paired in Punk. 9. Nomadic is a tacky-ass mess. The outfits looked like the National costumes in Miss Universe pageants. Sophia needs to go. She has done enough damage. 10. Ive always loved Sara but she was terrible this year. Idk if its the atrocious outfits she was given or shes just on a bad mood during the show. 11. Taylor looked unbelievably gorgeous. I hope her walk is stronger this year. 12. Im over Josephine. Youre walking in a slow/romantic and strong/rebellious segments, stop with the cutesy, teeny bopper poses.