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  1. Lol. It's bizarre really. Jo and Romee have the same body type. And Jo got implants more than double the size of Romees. and somehow, someway her boobs still look more natural the Romees stack of pancakes.
  2. Anybody know what the finale music was?
  3. Thoughts... 1. Cant wait to see Jasmines BNA walk. She was giving me Gisele vibes. 2. Never liked Martha, but i thought she looked incredible this year. She had a nice walk too. 3. I have always liked Josephine but this year she was a mess. 4. Lily D. needs to go. For a girl that is so meh she gets fabulous outfits. 5. So glad Liu was back. I think this was her best show yet. Hopefully, shes back again next year 6. Disappointed that the best rookies from last year (Flavia and Leomie), only got one outfit each. 7. Adriana, Sara, Elsa and Jasmine were the best angels. 8. For regulars, the fit models looked best. 9. The Jablonskis need to come back. 10. Also, was Bruno wearing heels during BNA? Lol
  4. It was sarcasm. Lol. My username is ConJab. I think me of all people will know that Jacquelyn is not Constance's sis. ?
  5. Can I have the Jablonski sisters instead.
  6. Good to know. At least she wasnt outright rejected by VS. It seems like they wanted her to be part of the show.
  7. Lowkey want to see katya walk the vsfs. Though absolutely impossible, it would be glorious and hilarious.
  8. So sad for Constance. Of all the years to skip, she skipped the one for her homecountry. ?
  9. Kinda nervous about her as well. But maybe she didnt confirm anything because she didnt have to go to casting and was just invited to be part of the show.
  10. The delusion!!! OMG!
  11. Im on mobile and i dont really know how to link anything but you guys have got to check out chrisvillareal on instagram. YOURE MIND WILL EXPLODE!!!
  12. Exotic Butterflies Adriana - obviously, she looked great. Love how the lingerie matches her skin tone Gigi - she was unexpectedly great! Kind of hated her at first, but i like her a lot now Sara - amazing per usual Stella - she sucked per usual Pauline - not too bad. Gave me maud vibes though Shanina - nice. Like jac jab, why does she only get one outfit year after year? Jac - its nice to see her out of PINK and with a nice outfit as well! Daniela - what a mess. I feared that her boobs were gonna pop out while she was posing. Ming - nice. A little too over the top with the pose Barbara - love her outfit Magdalena - that stare!!! Love her so much. Valery - she was soooo dull. Lais - beutiful girl. However, it was so obvious that she was struggling with those wings
  13. Portrait of an Angel Ale - kind of a weak opening. She looked amazing though Lily D - kinda meh now. Her last good year was 2013 Kendall - not bad. Still dont know how to pose Sanne - she had a good walk. Her corset looks like its meant for a senior Sui - love her. Finally this girl got her wings Gracie - she looked absolutely stunning. I dont know why VS keeps passing on her on the previous years Bruna - she got one of the better outfits for newbies. Her posing was so harsh though Vita - beautiful girl but quite forgettable Flavia - she was great. She doesnt remind me of Giselle (giselles on a way different level) but definitely one of the better rookies Jacquelyn - great girl. but why one outfit only? Cindy - i love her cape. Love her playfulness as well Izabel - i thought that since shes getting two wings, she cant do her hairflip. Oh! How wrong was i Constance - Perfection!!! Jasmine - love her.
  14. Thanks for doing this. I love the remix. It sucks that the only time the voiceover was used during a segment was to announce that Kendalls walking. The audio was ruined because of that.