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The close ups of the MK collab are actually quite lovely. As a fashion fan, I genuinely enjoy MK as a designer but I just don't think her brand meshes well with VS. If they wanted to do bright colours, maybe someone like Missoni, Pucci or Moschino would have been cool.

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2 hours ago, almanaotemcor said:

Although I am beginning to detest the collabs, I have looked forward to a collaboration with Versace. I think it would be something really beautiful.

That would be epic. But will never happen! Versace has their own underwear right? 

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I'm glad they wasted a whole episode on this MK disaster....just what I wanted to see, the method of creating all those disgusting outfits. 


JO!!! she looks so disappointed and upset when she came out in her outfit...I thought it was such a bad outfit and then they brought out the "wings"...VS, that's a damn  parachute and you all should be ashamed of yourselves for letting not only a regular model, but an ANGEL, wear it. ew. 


and then the wings are worse than her outfit that covers up her body that she worked so hard for. 


MK's regular designs are ugly, too. The clothes they showed on the runway in this video were ugly. MK seems like a sweet person though, but her taste in fashion is definitely not the same as mine...or Jo's. 


@uberglasses I know a good bit of designers as well (I don't like most of them, but I watch their shows for some reason lol), and I've never heard of MK either.  I thought maybe she was a relatively new designer who was friends with a VS executive who got MK hired but it seems like she's already pretty established? IDK 

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