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  1. Elie saaab doesn't do campaigns. They do Perfums only, but noticing the last one they did, really glad she isn't it it. Cause it's bad. And Zuhair campaigns aren't prestigious at all! So not even that good for her to do! Sometimes is not about doing every single campaign possible, but making sure she gets good ones.
  2. Looks exactly the same to me
  3. It's called facetune, her face is almost gone due to facetune. On that pic
  4. Gorgeous!!!! Another vogu cover!!! Love it!
  5. Lol of course she changed! No one stays the same for 10 years! Of course she's going to grow up! She's almost 26, she not a 16yo anymore! Good she changed, that means she evolving!
  6. She's in Israel for shlomit's wedding, I guess shes missing amfar.
  7. She looks great in those candids
  8. They are invited by the brand so they probably have no say in it! And the brand is the one that chooses the dresses! But topshop always have boring dresses
  9. It's not by just going to events ur going to become an actress! Lol It takes more than just be seen and be pretty to be an actress. It works the other way around lol! You become an actress first then you go to these events. Any way this discussion is just stupid. Like I said it's not the end of the world she's not going.
  10. Omg who cares? You are making it sound that this gala is the most important thing in life! If she never goes who cares? There are more important things in life and this gala doesn't change ur life lol
  11. lol paying 25k to go to a gala is just stupid! Is just a gala, there's always next year!
  12. Exactly!
  13. Elie saab doesn't go, they don't have spots. What happens is that some celebrities that go without brands can chose whatever they want to dress
  14. Maybe none of those brands go to met ball! Lol and Tommy most likely with Gigi...
  15. Lol ur talking like it's so easy like that, it's not just about getting invited by a designer. And sara has build good relationships with some designers (Marc Jacobs, balmain, elie saab, Tory burch) she can't just force them to take her , I'm sure there's a lot more than just friendship related to who go or not! im curious to see who's going from the new angels, because none of them have said anything yet... edit: she only has been an angel for 2 years, and pretty much only started doing high fashion this past year and half... so it's not like she has given many chances.. so I'm not worried at all, she as time and it's not the End of the world. Instead of focusing on what she isn't accomplish look at what she is accomplish! Like her first solo vogue cover outside of portugal! That's a big deal!