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  1. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Maybe they are busy with other jobs, taylor miss all fw last season cause she was working on other things.
  2. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Btw Kaia is by no means short! She must have been when she started when she was13/ 14, but she'd definitely grown, and you can see it now, specially next to Cindy who's tall, that Kaia is almost her height. And also next to the other models you can see she has their height. So I think Kaia is almost 5'10 now. You have to remember girls grow quite a lot from 12 to 18. I'm pretty sure she's still growing. Edit: just realized Cindy is 5'9, so Kaia must be around 5'9, wich isn't that short
  3. Sara Sampaio

    Wow you are a really unititled prick Claus that seem that know everything about everything. I'm done talking to you! You are very toxic. I just pray to god sara doesn't read this bullshit
  4. Sara Sampaio

    Plus, this is something that happens to every model, they get booked a lot then they don't then they do again, happened to stell Romee taylor Kendall and many more. And all these girls are tall not imagine that for a girl that isn't tall! She as achieved way more than anyone ever thought of when it comes to runway, so give her a break.
  5. Sara Sampaio

    Exactly! Just because u have walked a show before doesn't guarantee you to walk every season, she hasn't walked jeremy scoot or moschino in while. And Philip plein irina and stella were there so I'm pretty sure if they wanted her she would be there cause they pay well, so she might just not have booked this shows! She's 1.72 and she got lucky those past 2 seasons, but even last season you could see she didn't walk as many shows anymore. Fashion is like that, they'll book you a lot and then they won't, and in the future they might again. Maybe she said she's laying low this fashion week because she realize is not booking this shows and maybe feels embarrassed she's not booking anything! There's so many reasons, but you all seem to just jump right at it's her fault her personality is wrong, she's wrong, she's ruined her career etc etc
  6. Sara Sampaio

    How do we know she didn't walk those 3 shows because she didn't want to? Maybe she didn't get booked! Ever thought about that? She can't force people to book her... it must be hard enough not to be booked for shows and now you are saying it's her fault she didn't book them edit: and isn't Interscope a music label? What does that have to do with fashion? As far as we know she only canceled FOB
  7. Sara Sampaio

    I'm sorry but it is a bit of a drama queen when you start critizising her like this for just missing one event. She has done 2 events this fashion week already and the important ones, and she had a 6am call time after a night of harpers bazzar icons event, girl probably slept 3h. So I don't know what's worse skipping an event because you are not feeling or looking ur best or going and not looking good and let people seeing tired and not at ur best! She mingled the night before let her rest if she wants to. And it is being drama queen when we just ran 2 pages of overanalazing her missing one single event.
  8. Sara Sampaio

    Exactly! You guys are honestly drama queens! You're acting like she canceled vogue Italia. It was just a party that she wasn't even one of the honorees. How many events has she done thru the years? Countless! It's not by missing one that she's being unprofessional! And this was not even an important one. About jenifer stop speculating. U guys give too much importance to this little shit. People change and stop hanging people make new friends and lose friends, it happens and sometimes without any drama, just simply cause you move one with your life. There's a lot of bad accusations and speculations thrown at sara and about her life, because none of you know nothing about her life. And saying she won't have a real acting job without giving her a chance is mean at best. Who knows she might be taking a breather from modeling to focus on getting better at acting or anything else, you don't know anything so stop judging her life or act like you know better what she should do than her.
  9. Sara Sampaio

    Or maybe she's just tired. Her missing a party is not the end of the world nor the end of her careeer. Also models takes season offs all the time and their careers are fine. It's her decision to take a quieter season and that's ok you don't know her reasons and you need to stop being so judgmental. Let her live her life the way she wants and makes her happy. And stop judging all decisions without knowing what driven her to them. I wouldn't be surprise if sara herself if fed up with modeling, she's been doing it for 10 years now and she always said that acting is where her heart is. So maybe modeling doesn't make her happy anymore, and if it doesn't good for her for focusing on what she wants. Modeling is not everything in life
  10. Sara Sampaio

    I actually love what she's wearing she looks cool
  11. Sara Sampaio

    I actually hate everything else jenifer Mazur did with the other girls, specially street style, Alessandra and Olivia culpo always look awful. She only got it right with sara, wich Makes me wonder sara probably had the most saying in it
  12. Sara Sampaio

    You guys need to realize that sara is NOT a show girl! And last s/s was probably the best season she'll ever have. And not saying this as a bad thing, quite contrary. I'm saying cause I know how fashion works, and models ( even the best ones) have max 2/3 seasons. And then people and probably them selves get bored and move on to the next new thing. I wouldn't be surprise if sara herself is done with shows and wants to pursuit something different. Seeing every model speaking about how awful fashion week, and you do see how much models get drained by the end of it, no wonder most of girls rather just do their money jobs and live their lives
  13. Sara Sampaio

    How do you know she hasn't tried it? Just because she didn't get a show doesn't mean she hasn't tried it! It's not up to her to do a show or not. And on top of it you also have to be requested to go to the casting, so if they don't call her she can't just show up!
  14. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Also I notice elsa jas and Josephine do a lot of those white wall web shoots, while sara elsa and taylor barely do. Sara has been shooting a lot this year, I'm surprised her count is low. But I think it has a lot to do with those white wall shoots that the busiest girls (outside of vs) barely do
  15. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I'm pretty sure it a lot to do with time, Stella sara and taylor work a lot more outside of vs, jasmine elsa and Josephine pretty much only do vs. about how much they get payed, no ones knows their contracts and if they are all the same.