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  1. Sara Sampaio

    That ur opinion, I personally love the white outfit, and was definitely not one of the worse outfits.... I think she looks beautiful and I love how the neck piece and the wings frame her face. I for once prefered the white one way better than the balmain one
  2. Sara Sampaio

    I think the first pictures of sara were just shitty pictures due to bad photography and everyone just judged to critized sara, she looks radiant in this last photos.... and I think she’s going to do amazing I’m motion
  3. Sara Sampaio

    It probably minority here but I actually like her outfits, just wish she wasn’t using that ugly mesh body suit... and that the white outfit didn’t have those fringes, she was so covered this year, but I absolutely love the white wings and even the shocker part... About sara’s posting I’ve noticed she’s been Posting way less on instagram and social media for a few months now... also you guys forget that they might had have problem with the all internet in china since Instagram and Facebook etc is blocked in china... I’ve notice everyone posted way less.
  4. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I agree! Speacially cause there’s a lot of photos that actually never come online and are only on the stores, and looks like only girls that don’t do anything else besides vs are doing those web simple white wall shots. Stella taylor sara are heavily used for campaings and those are the photos that get most exposure. Only thing I’m sad is that they barely do commercials now
  5. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Got it! Didn’t realized it was moved! Thank you guys!
  6. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Well I have over 500 post and still can’t see it, it seems mean for sure...
  7. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    All sara Said was that it wasn’t David that was harassing her on set. People were saying that it was David harassing her on set and she just said it wasn’t him, she didn’t mention anything else! Being acuse of something like that is serious, and even if David gave the pictures to lui, they are 2 different thing! One is harassing the other is lying! I don’t see any hypocrisy here! Just her not letting someone take the fault for something they didn’t do! In the end even if david sent the photos it’s lui’s Job to not use them!
  8. Sara Sampaio

    YOu do have a point. Sara actually only defended David that he wasn’t the one bullying her on set. She probably doesn’t want someone to be Acused for something they didn’t do, since is a serious accusation. Regarding the photos I feel like both lui and David might be in the wrong. But it’s all speculation, and I guess we will have to wait and see. ( if we ever get an answer)
  9. Sara Sampaio

    I think the point is, even if david sent the photos to the magazine, is the magazine's duty to not use them, and ask for photos that have no nudity. Since they signed a no nudity contract. Also not sure how it usually works but maybe they have to give all photos to the magazine for selection.
  10. Sara Sampaio

    The worse thing is that this can happen to a girl like sara that has almost 6m followers, imagine what's happening to all this other girls that don't have a platform to defend themselves.
  11. Sara Sampaio

    Completely agree. They didn't have to accept the no nudity clause, the moment they do they should respect it! So disgusting what they did! Proud of sara to speak about it
  12. Sara Sampaio

    Did you talk to her?
  13. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I actually like that make up.
  14. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    How do you know the shoot is vs related? I highly doubt vs would do a shoot with that kind of make up. It's most likely an editorial for Sophia's magazine, Since she's involved. Sophia is never involved for vs shoots.
  15. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    How do you know stella was an Europe exclusive? I mean she didn't even close or open so why would they give her an exclusive? As far as I know only grace had one because she was the look girl of the show.