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  1. oh btw I'm late af but I finally watched the show Nothing really new... the segments once again made no sense, the outfits are getting cheaper and cheaper the songs are still boring I will say Baraba was definitely the highlight for me, she's got the sass and flirt from the good VSFS days, I actually got chills when she entered the runway, girl got amazing presence Grace also really caught my eye once again Toni got one outfit and they barely showed her............... I was really hoping they were going to cut Alexina's embarrassing ass from everything but nope Taylor's opening was weak but it was expected... but I don't take 1st openings that seriously because I didn't like Candice's 1st opening either If Elsa did the dinosaur arms pose one more time I would have lost it Sara was great, Jo's walk is improving, Romee slayed i'm finally warming up to her, Adriana I will miss her so much Cannot believe Elsa did the dinosaur arms pose for both of her outfits It looked like they spent more time on Bebe Rexa's and Rita Ora's outfits than on most of the outfits from the show Also I wish they would bring the thematic backgrounds back, it helped setting the mood of the segments so much now everything is so bland All the negativity aside, the editing was on point!
  2. I was watching Miss Universe and Ashley Graham was there being one of the hosts where is her "real women" speech she gives VS every year? I mean Miss Universe doesn't exactly promotes realistic bodies either...
  3. I think the issue is: it doesn't matter if they have 10 musical acts if 90% of the songs are boring af
  4. you know the show was a flop when you struggle to find 1080p torrents
  5. My friends always come over to watch it and we always end up watching the older shows and crying about how amazing they used to be
  6. I'm pretty sure they would have a transgender model in the show if there was a transgender model killing the game now, and Ed did say transgender models have attended the castings they just didn't make it and since there hasnt been any models outing VS for not casting them for being transgender I believe him. It was a poor choice of words, he seemed annoyed and I understand I wouldnt want them to cast a transgender model just because she's trangender and people are demanding diversity.
  7. not gonna downplay Ed's work for VS but I think this whole mess is just an indication that he needs to step down (along with Monica and Sophia). They've been doing this for a long time but seem like they have stopped in time, the low ratings comfirm the brand needs change and they won't get it if they don't change the people behind it
  8. Does anyone know why the girls are calling Romee “Shakira”? also loved Romee dancing brazilian funk in the car on Lais’ snap story lol She got some bonus points in my liking now
  9. 2015 was exactly the year they lost even more Angels and added 10 new ones with no promo at all and also everyone was probably traumatized of having to watch Taylor Swifts cringy ass 2 years in a row and didn't tune in
  10. I just started backtracking but same, its kinda like her "light" got sucked by all that weight loss
  11. I will have to wait until december 10th to watch the show (my friends come over every year so we can eat junk food and watch it together lol) I hope the editing is good and they actually manage to show the outfits properly
  12. Jo snoring tho lol love her
  13. I love how they didn't show her reaction when they brought out the "wings" lol my poor Jojo
  14. this is ridiculous, none of them seemed cautious when passing by her either. How many performers do we need to remind that the MODELS are the stars of the show
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