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  1. VS should spend more time overhauling their innacurate sizing system and expanding their range if they want to truly innovate- bring in smaller backs and a wider range of cups that go up to at least a G
  2. The new stuff is beautiful but it’s nothing innovative if we’re being honest. I can get the same thing on Fenty or even ASOS wolf and whistle yonks ago
  3. Kate may not be the biggest model anymore but she had a career many angels can only dream of she’s a commercial star who covered more magazines than any one else and what Sophie was pathetic especially given that so many angels will do tacky nude shoots anyway!
  4. Everyone in this thread is deluded and blinded by love for vs. copying an exact design stitch for stitch is not acceptable especially when you mark up the price as something new and original. VS is an embarrassment at this point no longer a market leader. Also yes Kate May be salty but she is right as someone with a small back and boobs - which technically more women should be they’re just being improperly fitted by awful so called experts like those at VS - and I can’t shop through their cheap bras anymore the quality is too poor and I’ll fitting
  5. I made a good response to both lais and sara’s Childish, unprofessional and unfounded arguments and neither replied. I’m sorry but they really do make people look right when they say models are dumb
  6. VS just don’t get it. The problem with their lingerie is I’m not going to pay £75+ for a set I can get cheaper, made better quality and of a greater variety and better fit. I would like to hope they’ve changed suppliers but I doubt it. Not doing over a ddd is just pathetic in this day and age especially as we know many women are already wearing back sizes too big for them because there’s stigma against bigger cup sizes
  7. Oh look now they’re trying to be all inclusive - too late Ed everyone saw what you said and your products are till poor quality. Anything they do now just looks fake
  8. The girl is so abdominals boring in anything beyond commercial or made up to the hilt bombshell that it shocks me vogue keeps giving her all these covers. There’s a clear connection to her agent somewhere because no other title gives her this much time of day
  9. At this point I’ve seen more pictures of Candice’s contorted flat bum than my own. It’s starting to seem a bit desperate and her career is really stagnating
  10. Omg this girl is hotter than 70% of the angels yas finally a legitimately curvy body! I’m sorry but as much as I love girls like Leomie their figures don’t say sexy to me
  11. A big gig for unknown models but anyone established? Nope
  12. I actually think Kendall would be an excellent move from VS but in and ideal world so would Bella Hadid, the reality is they can’t afford then
  13. This!! Barbara is the only good choice and bar Taylor hill who just doesn’t put enough effort into making herself a huge star, maybe at a stretch Stella abd hosk who’s extraness irritates people none of the other newbies have star status
  14. Also VS are remaining completely ignorant to the world around them - more white, skinny girls? Groundbreaking
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