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  1. what can possibly be more than shaking THAT ass?
  2. Definitely thinner but not excessively imo
  3. he was right about everything except Elsa
  4. Loved Alanna, she has to come back
  5. they edited Gaga's horrible singing loooollll
  6. oh no.. the opening yis
  7. omg i need a torrent too!
  8. I'm spanish too
  9. I kind of like the cat, is cute + its an important symbol for chinese people (or japanese? not sure), its suposed to bring good luck ^_^
  10. Adriana - talking Elsa - she is the queen of pointing awkward silence Adriana - keeps talking
  11. Guys I have no clue at what time is the streaming or where to watch it, can someone please tell me?
  12. They wont even show the moment they told Elsa was the one opening?
  13. fucking goddesssssssss