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  1. What a bummer it’s raining in Miami so I don’t know if the Leomie Lais Lorena group will get to shoot VS swim..
  2. I love her one but at the same time I’m like well I still haven’t seen her photo work with VS so really hope now she gets to shoot the campaigns , swim , a commercial etc .
  3. Well.. okay that’s so much angels now.. and I really wish we have more WOC in the angel line up ..
  4. Kelsey Merritt on the way to Bahamas , might be a possible SI rookie or maybe she’s there for vacation/another job I guess we will see soon .
  5. I see in Alexina Graham’s ig story, Leomie Anderson, Elsa and Alexina are in VS shoot today
  6. Stella and Taylor’s photoshoot is for VS but I’m not too sure for Lais and Cintia’s photoshoot only coz out of the crew, only the set designer Isaiah Weiss usually works for VS but not really the hair and makeup team
  7. Stella and Aiden shot VS in Miami today And Riley Montana just the usual White wall shoot
  8. {name}

    General Discussion

    This is what I was thinking as well ! “This is me “ with the choir (like 2001 and 2006) in Celestial Angels and Adriana closing is much better in theory . Also I wish Keala Settle was able to performed it and yeah the struts “ Body Talks “ as opening would be great energy also missed opportunity of Ariana Grande God is A Woman as well.. like Flights segment or also celestial angel would be nice
  9. Round 1 Taylor Hill Wings: 9/10 Overall Look : 8/10 Alexina Graham Overall Look: 6/10 Round 2 Josephine Skriver Wings: 8/10 Overall Look: 8/10 Aiden Curtis Overall Look: 5/10
  10. {name}

    General Discussion

    Looks like they doing the makeup and hair test today but I think she’s wrong about the dress rehearsal ? Wouldn’t that be tmrw? Leomie mentioned in her story that she is one of the models that are doing the hair and makeup test
  11. {name}

    General Discussion

    In 10magazines latest ig story , it showed a vid of Sophia and John rushing to the office they were late lol sorry Behati So happy for Elsa hopefully nice wings with the look
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