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The Victoria's Secret "Should have been an Angel" Competition


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All these women could have bee great angels.


Edita is perfect but in 2011, it would have been her and Erin and Lindsay and Candice so would she even have stood out?


Barbara would have been the angel to beat. Had she been signed and blown up, we may never have had the period where 635 angels were signed. Having said that, it appears that her work ethic isn't quite up there and I'm unsure whether she would have loved the rigours if being an angel.


My winner is ABB though. If she and Oluchi had been signed when they should have been, we could have avoided the whole Selita/Izabel charade and maybe we would have had long term angels there.

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3 hours ago, Clauds said:

I'm gonna go with Barbara, she just had it all and I don't think I'll ever really understand why the heck she wasn't signed. She had the looks, the personality, the fanbase, she could have been their new Adriana.



+ 1 on everything

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I'm gonna vote Ana BB, just because she was such a marketing powerhouse during her prime years and would've killed it as an official spokesperson. Barbara is a close second, but it was really difficult to pass her over. Edita is lovely, but tbh she wasn't stellar until her last show anyways and her campaigns don't compare to the other two girls.  

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