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  1. Love their friendship. Great to know that they are still close
  2. Great cover. Much better than the first one
  3. this is her best Coachella outfit so far another cover for Elsa
  4. that photo in bikini is fire
  5. love both recent covers
  6. Her pregnancy style is cute
  7. she's beautiful with amazing body. she needs her "blurred lines" moment to blow up
  8. only 3 pics in the ed? boo. I wanted more, it's one of her best
  9. she looks fantastic: glowing and regal
  10. she looks stunning in both dresses
  11. her street style is a mess tbh. she tries to be ~fashion icon~ so hard, yet you can see it's not natural
  12. Fantastic
  13. She reminds me Russian actress Yuliya Snigir so much. Both are gorgeous
  14. Zadig & Voltaire. Also Moschino and Fendi (with Gigi)