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  1. She said she did it in honor of her stepdad, so guess it's not bad
  2. Terry for Bulgari is a bif fat no. Love the Vogue shoot tho
  3. yes, since March. she uses the name Nelaam Gill now. It would be better to change the name of the thread
  4. her body is work of art
  5. she looks so different in the old pics on the first few pages. Guess I prefer her with light brown hair and little bit more weight on. Either way she's a gorgeous girl and I'll keep my eye on her.
  6. oops she did it again... everyone will be talking about this dress, just like they did about the red one last year lol she looks great)
  7. don't like that her dress is wrinkled, but otherwise great look
  8. the guy in the background is me if I saw her irl lmao her body in this dress is out of the world. the color is great too
  9. apparently he's too busy finishing his new album
  10. Zayn cancelled his appearence few hours before the event, so there was no point for her to come too
  11. her style during the whole stay at Cannes is on point. Glamous and attention-catching without looking like ~prom queen~ or pageant contestant
  12. finally the outfit I actually like and cound even see wearing myself
  13. Brazil shoot is amazing. I scrolled and scrolled down and hoped photos would never end lol
  14. So many new pics today. Love them all
  15. love the ed. one of her best works