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  1. I don’t get how they hire someone who hasn’t shot much. Surely they want to make sure she sells first? Is her instagram following exceptional or something?
  2. Not physically a massive fan of hers (though she’s hot ofc) BUT she’s unique and has a great vibe. She’s something different. At at this point surely some angels are leaving?
  3. Just from my cousin, who is a (male) model, so it may be different. He says (as do some of his more visible friends) that they do HF to get into commercial work, and in particular brands such as H&M, Next, Marks & Spencer and the local varieties in each European country, all pay much much better than any HF except fragrance or some high end men’s cosmetics.
  4. At this point let’s just go for 62 angels or something? I think some pictures of Alexina are good and I like that she’s a redhead... so good for her. Would she be my first choice for a new angel? No. Would she be my 987th? Maybe. Can’t blame her for seizing the opportunity though. I hope they cut angel numbers though.
  5. I’m not sure what I watched but I LOVED it. It was creative, fun, addictive and sexy (and not Male gazey I felt, but of course people may differ). The asían girl was gorgeous as was the black girl with the blonde hair - side note, have y’all seen Sharan Diniz with short black hair? I was never too bothered about her but she’s looking WOW
  6. Lol. Bad for me. May be good for other people.
  7. This is giving me serious “arts college girls trip to Tulum” vibes.
  8. Unfortunately I can’t imagine her coming back now that she’s A list bearding which is a shame because she gets better with age. Honestly, SI’s direction is baffling.
  9. It’s sucb a shame it’s Sara who pushes her bff to work with Vs and we get Sadie, when it could be Lais and her bff Lays
  10. {name}

    General Discussion

    I just got round to watching the show and here is my “demagogue making a big announcement” six hour speech about it. The Segments Pink was fine. Less of a horror show than before and tbh I am always glad when someone doesn’t walk in with a duvet. Mary K honestly if they had not had the stoppid parachutes and SO MUCH EXTRA fabric, this could have been different. The prints were something VS has not done before! Downtown was fine as was Glam Royale. I truly wish that Golden Angels has been more of a Golden Girls tribute than whatever it was! Celestial was beautiful albeit nothing new. Overall, it feels like VS has run out of new ideas and concepts and when they do have something (I.e. Mary prints) they fuck it up so spectacularly! Obvs the Adriana tribute made me well up. The Performers No thank you. The Struts were best, and I actually thought Shawn and Rita went well with their sections, but I would rather still have remixes. They can all leave. (Shawn and one of the Chainsmokers can just come to me (I hate myself for thinking he’s hot but I shall love in my shame)). The filming Taylor is so spectacularly beautiful and her opening was cut so well that it was ok. Otherwise, the camera cuts were too fast but better than last year. Room to improve The models (please bear with, this is the last bit) Contracted models: Adriana looked amazing. Behati looked good and brings great energy. I get why people don’t like her but I think she’s unique. Can’t see her staying. Candice seemed done with the whole thing but is such a good Walker. Her face has sharpened a lot but truly their last bombshell because Elsa is looking a little too uncurvy. Still gorgeous. Jasmine is such a good spokesmodel and walks so well, they need to up her usage! Josephine, Stella, Sara, Romee were all ok, honestly they didn’t add a whole ton. Martha I feel has also served her time but she really brought energy this year. Finally Lais... what a body, they should have filmed her walking at length... in slow motion. Taylor is so beautiful I am finally starting to get on board. Grace needs to be upgraded to mainline and I am sad to see Zuri go (because VS needs more darker skinned spokeswomen) but clearly they’re not invested in her. Maggie is pretty but interchangeable. Sui is quite done her run at this stage I think - stunning but low key. Ming is beautiful too but does too much cutesy for me. Of the Returning models, Georgia, Barbara, Leomie (normally I don’t like her but she was ace), Alanna, Gizele, Nadine, Kelly (she’s an actual bombshell, VS should have hired her back in the day), Jourdana (love her in black hair), Aiden (she gives up straight mean girl hot as opposed to smile smiley cutesy shit), Toni, Bella and Liu were ones I want to see again. I throw Shanina and Frida in the list because she wasn’t given enough time. Herieth, Estelle, Cindy (sadly), Barbara F have done their time now. Kendull and Devon can honestly go now, take Alexina.  Of the newbies: Sofie a sensation in energy but her walk needs work, after Yasmin, the best newbie in my eyes. Kelsey, cute, decent walk for Pink Sadie And Winnie, should become angels (KIDDING) Melie needs a second chance, poor girl. Isilda, Myrther, Cheyenne, Willow, Duckie we’re all good. yasmin was the one, especially in her first walk. Sabah, one of my favourites and fun Alannah, bad walk. Don’t get the appeal. Maia, filler but good at that. Lorena, gorgeous but not memorable. Iesha Hodges I would like to see more of. Josie Canseco was good for Pink. Can’t see her moving to mainline. Mayowa Nicholas was disappointing, maybe the editing didn’t help or her horrendous outfit but she didn’t shine in the way I thought she would (i expected her to be Yasmin levels of bringing it) The show was a solid 6.5. They need to improve the editing (both of the show and the number of models) and it could have been an 8.
  11. Nadine 5. Like the bra and print but those hareem pants, no. It’s a lingerie show! Sofie 6. Again, like the prints, but it feels like a sexy negligee from 1970s
  12. Latest L’oreal Campaign. She’s been with them for a while!
  13. Random Q. Has Ubah Hassan ever auditioned for VS? Just started following her insta and her body is fire (and she’s gorgeous). I feel like Senait, she missed out during the period when VS didn’t hire as many POC.
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