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  1. First time poster. Eeek. I figured I'd start with a ranking as that's quite an interesting topic. LOVE Gisele - undoubtedly the name of VS, and sexy whilst not standard "pretty" which is so regular in VS these days Adriana - longevity and that face, plus her personality shines through Helena - Original and gorgeous Laetitia - Brief but just so sexy and voluptuous Karolina - when she walked she was so wonderful and vibrant Heidi and Tyra - More for the name recognition they brought than them Candice - Gorgeous and her soft personality is sexy Behati - this one is 90% personality Rosie - that face alone. Plus I know lots of that kind of semi push public school girls so loved her LIKE Lais - her pics are great. So beautiful and gentle. Stella - Love her constant RBF, and think her attitude is different. ines - Original but undervalued Erin - She got a bad deal" she was gorgeous Doutzen, Daniela, Stephanie, Karen, Kate - gorgeous but not that extra oomph the rest are quite meh. i only really disliked Marissa and Chanel (then, now I think she's so hot). However, what bothers me more is the number of blondes to anything else ratio. If they're trying to sell worldwide, surely they should have some dark skinned black girls, Asian angels and non-white (adriana notwithstanding) angels like Caroline Ribeiro, Raica or Juana Burga for example who have that mix. as for angels they passed... Oluchi (actual goddess), Ana BB, Cintia (they need a redhead and she's still around yo!), Barbara, Emmanuela (she would have been a home run!), Toni, Maryna (seriously sexy) Shanina (that face) and a favourite of mine Arlenis. I would also love it if they had had more Asian (south or east) origin angels. Sui He for example - what a stunning woman. Also Dani Lopez is another adorable woman they could hire to Behati her way up. And secretly I always hoped someone like Anchal from ANTm and her large bussoms so would become a lingerie model. And one they missed out, Anais P - her lingerie shots are smoking... and those lips!