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  1. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Kind of even want a few blondes now! (Also so many of the angels are meh compared to some of the rejected girls!)
  2. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    And that's when VS announces that the kardashians and real housewives will take the place of all the models!
  3. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    I think she's great. Fantastic body and face and womanly energy. Megan Williams however, beautiful woman but slightly generic at the same time.
  4. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Who is Sadie and why is she lumped in with the other model adjacent people?
  5. Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (2017)

    Great lists. I think the problem I have is that they will end up choosing a bunch of pretty but plain blonde girls and brunettes like they've done the last few years. Last year for example did we need San e, Megan, Bridget, Camille, Brooke, Lily, on top of Martha, Stella, Romee? (I have to admit I liked Maggie Laine). Also fresh girls and old school returning girls (like Bianca or Isabeli) would be amazing to replace girls who have been doing it for seven years straight. Though tbh I'll be happy if there's a diverse group of girls and looks (and if they could randomly bring in Cintia Dicker that would be grand)
  6. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Had not realised. Thanks.
  7. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Over on TFS they have this post: credit: vsactu on Twitter, gettyimagesList of Models confirmed to be casting for the 2017 VSFSAbby ChampionAdrianne HoAiden CurtissAlena BlohmAlexina GrahamAlicia HerbethAmilna EstevaoAnastasia PanasenkoAndrea AndersenAnja LeuenbergerAnna K MillerAnna-Christina SchwartzAnnika KrijtAqua PariosAshika PrattAshley TurnerBridget HollittBrittni TuckerCamille RingoirCaro SanchezCaroline KelleyCaroline SiltaCayley KingChase CarterChelsey WeimarCindy MelloDahlia SavicDana TaylorDanielle KnudsonDanielle LashleyDaphne VelgheDarya KostunichDasha MaletinaDerlyn PerezDevon Windsor (fitting model)Duckie ThotEbonee DavisEli CruzEmma BartlettEmmy RappeEstelle ChenGabby WestbrookGizele OliveiraGracie Carvalho (VSFS Veteran)Gwen Van MeirHannah DonkerHannah FergusonHe CongHyun Ji ShinI-Hua WuIesha HodgesIsabel ScholtenJasmine DanielsJasmine SandersJena GoldsackJessica ClarkeJessica StrotherJessie Li WangJosie CansecoJuana BurgaJulia BanasJulia BelyakovaKamila HansenKate KingKatya LednevaKeilani AsmusKid PlotnikovaKirstin LiljegrenKristina RomanovaKylie VonnahmeLameka Fox (VSFS Veteran)Lara GhraouiLara HelmerLarissa BohmhoffLaura WingesLeila GoldkuhlLila FlowersLine KjaergaardLondone MyersLuping WangMackinley HillMaggie Laine (VSFS Veteran)Maia CottonMalaika Firth (VSFS Veteran)Mariana SantanaMarilhea PeillardMegan IrmingerMegan Puleri (VSFS Veteran)Melie TiacohMelissa CucMelodie VaxelaireMeri GulinMichiMyrthe BoltNadine LeopoldNadja BenderNatalie LudwigNicole HarrisonNimue SmitNina Marie DanieleNisaa PounceyNoel BerryOphelie GuillermandPhoenix AndersonRachel FoxRaquel LimaRaven LynRaylane RaysaRobin Marjolein HolzkenRoos AbelsRoosmarijn De KokRossy HerreraSadie NewmanSamantha GradovilleSamile BermannelliSandra MartensSara WittSasha KichiginaSenait GideySharam Diniz (VSFS Veteran)Sofia ResingSora ChoiSymone ChallengerTako NatsvlishviliVictoria GermynWallette WatsonWanessa MilhomemWillow HandYada VillaretYana TrufanovaZoe BarnardZuri Tibby (PINK Spokesmodel) who do you want in? Who would be interesting? i personally would love Juana Burga (she looks more South American, and VSFS could do with a bit of variety), Mariana Santana, Sora, Senait (although she's already out), Ophelie, Rossy, Frida (she's due!), Hiun Ji, Duckie, Ashika and Alexandria (one on give us a redhead!). A bit of variety would be nice from VSFS. And please no mor Lily, Joan, Iza etc. If you want people who have done it, bring back some golden oldies (so to speak). Noemi Leonor is looking amazing ATM.
  8. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    First time poster. Eeek. I figured I'd start with a ranking as that's quite an interesting topic. LOVE Gisele - undoubtedly the name of VS, and sexy whilst not standard "pretty" which is so regular in VS these days Adriana - longevity and that face, plus her personality shines through Helena - Original and gorgeous Laetitia - Brief but just so sexy and voluptuous Karolina - when she walked she was so wonderful and vibrant Heidi and Tyra - More for the name recognition they brought than them Candice - Gorgeous and her soft personality is sexy Behati - this one is 90% personality Rosie - that face alone. Plus I know lots of that kind of semi push public school girls so loved her LIKE Lais - her pics are great. So beautiful and gentle. Stella - Love her constant RBF, and think her attitude is different. ines - Original but undervalued Erin - She got a bad deal" she was gorgeous Doutzen, Daniela, Stephanie, Karen, Kate - gorgeous but not that extra oomph the rest are quite meh. i only really disliked Marissa and Chanel (then, now I think she's so hot). However, what bothers me more is the number of blondes to anything else ratio. If they're trying to sell worldwide, surely they should have some dark skinned black girls, Asian angels and non-white (adriana notwithstanding) angels like Caroline Ribeiro, Raica or Juana Burga for example who have that mix. as for angels they passed... Oluchi (actual goddess), Ana BB, Cintia (they need a redhead and she's still around yo!), Barbara, Emmanuela (she would have been a home run!), Toni, Maryna (seriously sexy) Shanina (that face) and a favourite of mine Arlenis. I would also love it if they had had more Asian (south or east) origin angels. Sui He for example - what a stunning woman. Also Dani Lopez is another adorable woman they could hire to Behati her way up. And secretly I always hoped someone like Anchal from ANTm and her large bussoms so would become a lingerie model. And one they missed out, Anais P - her lingerie shots are smoking... and those lips!