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  1. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    I concur. It’s funny how the two more visible MOC (not so much Yara) are the same ones that VS uses (who are both gorgeous but have relatively white features) as if those are the acceptable faces of sexy models of colour. This isn’t a criticism, I loved the competition!
  2. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Great comp. The line up is great (if somewhat low on diversity). A Ferg and Lais cover would be a winner!
  3. Anais - sexy, has worked for the brand and looks womanly, I like that she’s not super smiley burn rather sultry Rose - sexy blonde, accesible in terms of beauty and can do sexy Solange - Hot but not bringing something that special with the current line up Lini - hot but doesn’t work with the current girls
  4. I’m not sure it’s dislike per se, but maybe she just didn’t impress people as much?

    Australia 9 Lithuania 9
  6. Best Australian Model;

    Beauty Holly body Gigi boobs Bridget (although I wouldn’t rate her for any of these tbh) butt Jessica (although again, I am not a fan of her looks at all) legs Olivia sexiness Shanina
  7. Best Runway Walk

    Great comp! All the girls are good walkers so I think the results were bang on! Thank you for running it.
  8. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    I find it surprising that so many girls that actually made the magazine (including cover girls and ROTY) have been voted so low... did they fail to impress or maybe was it that they’re a proven quantity so the people voting went for something different? i.e. I don’t massively rate Brooklyn or Sara S, but I think they were good in the magazine. Same for Cintia or Marissa or Heidi. Strange.
  9. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I want all four of the girls on the cover!!
  10. Maria Raven Charlie Lorena All of them are good and would fit the brand, subject to the pics actually being good. Maria and Raven are my favourite because they’re diverse and exotic women, who can add to the brand and appeal as women, not girls. Charlie I loved in AusNTM and I think she gives very Isabeli vibes but honestly her pics leave me a bit cold. I reckon she’d rock the show though because she is stunning. Lorena looks ok but doesn’t do a lot for me (her google images result was very nondescript and a bit of a flat bum). I do love Germans and the name Lorena though but that’s not enough to push her up!

    Russia vs. Netherlands Natalia Vodianova 2 vs. Robin 1 Anastasiya Scheglova vs. Lara Stone 3 Tanya Mityushina vs. Noor 3 USA vs. Brazil Erin 2 vs. Thais Oliveira 1 Bella Hadid 1 vs. Emanuela de Paula 2 Maggie Laine 1.5 vs. Sofia 1.5 USA vs. Australia Emily Ratajkowski 3 vs. Madison Edwards Jasmine Tookes 2.5 vs. Sarah Stephens 0.5 Natalie Morris 1.5 vs. Elyse Knowles 1.5 Sweden vs. Argentina Jossan Forsberg vs. Camila Morrone 3 Zoi 1.5 vs. Carolina Sanchez 1.5 Sandrah Hellberg vs. Carolina 3
  12. Best Australian Model;

    Lol, also plus 1 on this one. Clearly we are on the same wavelength (although I would have both Gemma and Fernanda for Beauty if I could)
  13. Best Australian Model;

    +1 of this
  14. Sports Illustrated Swim Fantasy Lineup

    Taylor Hill Beauty 9 Body 7 Sexiness 6 MA 8 SIB 6 Vita Sidorkina Beauty 8 Body 7 (due to bad boob job) Sexiness 8 MA 7 SIB 8 The Wevers Twins Beauty 3 Body 6 (Not my type but they have incredible bodies) Sexiness 1 MA 5 SIB 5 Yara Khmidan Beauty 8 Body 9 Sexiness 10 MA 7 SIB 9 Yulia Rose Beauty 7 Body 8 Sexiness 7 MA 7 SIB 8