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  1. Miranda karlie selita karolina kate heidi
  2. ROund 2 1. Stephanie - gorgeous and womanly, best body, best face, second personality 2. Behati - body is the worst but best personality and her face looks great in pics. Teeth tho. 3. Izabel - objectively she's hot but I find her a bit extra in her personality and her features a bit sharp. Banging body though! Round 3 i don't honestly have any passion towards any of these girls, so I'll just put them in order: 1. Taylor 2. Jac 3. Chanel
  3. Daniela - I think she represents more of what the brand's vibe is now. Barbara is probably too much woman for current VS. ABB - Missed opportunity there, VS. Anais - super sexy innocent. I can't imagine Irina as a spokesperson. tbh - all y girls above (except ABB) will not win this round. Sad face.
  4. Best Vogue Cover Competition

    Claudia Lara
  5. So sad that Cintia has been knocked out :-( (and Shanina too a little bit) Marloes - I couldn't pick Megan in a line up. Marlie's has the USP of dating that blonde dude. Sui - for the Asian angel but I would love for her to do more lingerie shoots. How's Camila's walk? Flavia - I liked her walks in the shows and I don't find her any less bland than Petra. i have to say, I feel no passion for anyone in these three heats (unlike the last three).
  6. Best Vogue Cover Competition

    Doutzen Gemma
  7. Thanks for filling in filling in the blanks @Prettyphile. Glad you had nice experiences with Josie and Nina!
  8. Lol, good lord. It doesn't sound like there are tons of nice models out there. Really, is it so hard to be friendly? After all, you're known for being hot (and banging Leo), not curing cancer. @Prettyphile, may I ask what happened with Shanina? I was always a fan of her looks - hadn't heard she wasn't nice.
  9. Oluchi - I nominated Maryna and think she is gorgeous but she doesn't bring anything say, Marisa, would have brought. And unfortunately for me Oluchi is extraordinary. Cintia - gorgeous yet accessible. Could have been a big deal, plus from he insta and her swimwear brand, she can sell stuff. Emanuela would have won for me against almost anyone else, but not my fave redhead. Shanina - you can walk into any club in west London and see sixteen versions of Bar (called Mollie or Isabella or Lizzie), whereas if you walk past Shanina, she'd almost certainly make you turn around. Stunning. Plus she got the Tyson D, so kudos girl. @Clauds - how come they're awful/bitches?
  10. 1. Ines (best body and personality, second best face) 2. Alessandra (second best body and personality, best face) 3. Stella (just not up to par on the others)
  11. Best Vogue Cover Competition

    Andreea Edita