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4 minutes ago, HitchcockBlonde said:

There's a definite something going on with her abdomen, and as someone who spends a lot of time around bitches with abs that make me want to die, hyper fit people tend to have tighter (I don't know how to explain this exactly....) bumps, which Candice definitely looks like she has and what Sara could have.


Though it would be strange for Sara to be pregnant now, no? 

Suppose all we can do is wait for announcements (or the lack of them). 


And I am around a lot of pregnant women, some are still very athletic til the day they push the child out, and Candice definitely looks like she got another bun in the oven. The way her stomach is shaped is not of someone who has given birth (refer to Ale, Adri and Heidi)---it looks like there is something growing in there. As for Sara I need to do a little more research :p

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I would be very surprised if Sara is really pregnant. I think that belly can be for menstruation as it is usually with all women and also usually inflates the face (I saw something strange in the face of Sara in the photos). If next year she is not walking for a pregnancy it would really be a crap for VS with angels going and coming back again and again :ninja:

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2 hours ago, Diorsfashion said:

Adriana has charisma when she walks tho she slays even when she has the ugliest outfits and jojo got the best outfit but she didn't slay 

I think whoever is mad at Josephine for "copy" Adriana or the other angels, should send her tips. It's very funny how people just hate on something like a kiss or point everything. Is a runway, they will always do stuff like that lol. Calm downnnnnnn.

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5 minutes ago, ThePinkDiet said:

No, I'm with you. It would be kinda weird coming from her since she's no 18, I get that, but her career is actually taking flight right now. It would be a strange decision, carreer wise, but if she is good for her and her partner!


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3 minutes ago, HitchcockBlonde said:

Collected general thoughts after playing catch-up:

- Fucking hell, relax. These are bras and panties and the women wearing them. You're not getting paid to defend Adriana or Josephine or whoever. The lack of self-awareness here is astounding

- I think it was Pretty who said she was apathetic about the show? It was pages back, but I feel the same way. There was nothing interesting. I don't love anything. Everything was so subdued

- Fuck you all, I missed Gigi's dumb ass, plus she needed to redeem herself from that ridiculously ugly hair colour and skin and bones last year

- The drama playing out BTS and not on camera is disappointing and probably why the show was so dull-looking, give me Kendall-Harry-Taylor tension you fools

- I've never been a big fan of Ale (just didn't come into it at the right time, I suppose) but I appreciate everything she's done with and for the brand and those mfers better treat her right going forward 

- Dead @ Bella's smile lmaoooooo

- Goddesses was the best segment by a long shot

- I would marry Lais in a heartbeat. Please adopt me

- Don't know why everyone's ragging on Pink when it was bloody good for a Pink segment

- Grace literally started walking last year, everyone going 'finally she got mainline'......... this isn't an Elsa situation :rofl: 

- Candice looks very pregnant

- Sara looks off

- Blanca deserves Angel status

- I figured out why I don't like Martha, her eyes are too far apart

- Fuck you, Beachwaver, and don't come back

The same happens with me! That’s why I don’t like Martha, she reminds me of Sid in Ice Age (no offense)

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3 hours ago, almanaotemcor said:

I'm a little over a year ago at Bellazon so I have not seen much criticism regarding Adriana here. Maybe if I'm blind but I'd like to read them because in other forums where I've interacted, they would poison you if you talked about it. :rofl: Btw, thank you very much for all the uploaded pictures of the show:heart:

You WANT to read bad things said about somebody else?

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