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  1. I think some vs angels might leave
  2. Vs always have said Ming and Sui he are angels but never actually made them into one...
  3. Lais broke up with Jared she’s with jokiam Noah.... such a downgrade
  4. The fb will probably go to romee.
  5. I’m surprised Ming and Sui he aren’t amgels but only spokeswomen for vs ok china ?? That’s so lame I don’t see vs making Ming into an angel anytime soon
  6. It’s too late for Sui he to become an angel most of the the angels got their contracts at 20-24 ..
  7. Gooood i was waiting for this day I still don’t want Winnie to walk.
  8. In terms of diversity I think vs could choose better models bc some girls chosen aren’t attractive at all it’s kinda weird how half of the models are so average the old models never looked like this.
  9. Wow so many girls aren’t walking the show and vs have casted unknown models is it me or the girls who have been casted look sooo bland..
  10. Gigi and Bella are confirmed to walk I hope this isn’t a rumour I don’t like them at all
  11. This is true vs keeps casting Devon but I’ve seen prettier blondes. Devon is boring and who is casting these girls 🧐
  12. It’s true vs have casted a bunch of nobody below average looking women to make the angels stand out. Why should Winnie walk she isn’t attractive but she’s not a threat to the angels ... uh
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