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  1. Commercial gigs always pay more and I don’t fault any of these girls for taking a check. It’s a good stepping stone, a box to check, and mainstream exposure. You can tell which girls and their agencies were smart and benefited from it even with it not being what it used to be in terms of prestige and pay.
  2. Nadine Leopold Flavia Lucini Lais Oliveira Kate Grigorieva Daphne Groeneveld Alana Felisberto Niamh Adkins Cayley King
  3. Samantha Archibald Cheyenne Maya Zhenya Katava Melie Tiacoh Alannah Walton Rebecca Longendyke Herieth Paul Kristina Grikaite Birgit Kos
  4. Amanda Yu Aiden Curtiss Irina Shayk Anne Vyalitsyna Imaan Hammam Maya Stepper Maggie Rawlins
  5. Grace Elizabeth Sara Sampaio Yasmin Wijnaldum Daniela Lopez Osorio Sofie Rovenstine Riley Montana Cindy Mello Luna Bijl Rubina Dyan Raven Lyn
  6. Out of the current group of angels, I think Jasmine, Taylor and Romee had potential to be a solid trio, HBICs, whatever you wanna call it. But Taylor seems more focused outside of VS (don't blame her) and Romee seems to have lost some steam in popularity lately. Jasmine has been consistently good though. She's been my favorite in most of the campaigns this year. I don't really see any of the others stepping into that role either. VS shoved Jo down everyone's throats to lukewarm results, Sara is the VS step child and Martha, Stella, Lais, and Elsa not sticking around too much longer wouldn't surprise me.
  7. Pretty sure no one dislikes Alexina because she’s a redhead. Not once has that been given as a reason as to why people don’t think she should be an angel.
  8. Happy that she’s getting more work
  9. Asia makes up roughly 60% of the world’s population and there still isn’t an Asian angel so I’m thinking they deserve representation a little bit more than that less than 2%. And even if you don’t want to get into “who deserves it more” argument, it’s lonnggggg overdue.
  10. If she did get a contract, I could see it being pretty relaxed like Taylor, Stella and Sara’s. They show up for all the major commercials and campaigns but do occasional white wall and have time to still balance a healthy high fashion career too.
  11. Grace’s trainer posted something about “fantastic things” happening in her future. Could be VS, could be something else.
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