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  1. @Candylicious. Thank you and praise the lord.
  2. @Prettyphile Is that the same voice from the Nicki Swift channel?
  3. Thanks @a for these pics. Barbie's face is so stunning
  4. Blasting through Louder Than Love right now. I'm still in shock. This is so totally unexpected. So totally unexpected. I can't even think of the right words right now.
  5. Rest in peace Chris. I can't believe you've passed. So fucking heartbroken.
  6. @Stormbringer You have excellent taste. Did you know Carolina Gonzalez who does makeup for VS plays quite well too
  7. @peroxideblonde Do you think switching to Lions is going to be better for her career? TBH even if her agent and agency are 100% behind her and make her their number one priority, I don't think Kate is willing to push herself for more projects and campaigns. Deep down I don't think she wants to work as much. Do you think she's going to re-focus on her career like she did 4-5 years ago?
  8. Thank you so much @Candylicious.
  9. OMG. Thank you all for these pics and videos. Candy looks insanely hot. I bow to the Queen.
  10. @medicenevs That post of Donatella says #metgala2017
  11. Thanks everyone, she looks so stunning. I can't imagine what cab driver wouldn't stop for her Candice liked this vid so I think she'll be wearing Versace. Anyone know who's the head designer at Versace?