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  1. Allie with Rachel Cook
  2. Thanks @Candylicious.
  3. @Candylicious. I hope it will be a long one too. At least 9 minutes long and can't wait to listen to Candy's sexy Portuguese accent
  4. Happy Birthday
  5. Candy isn't the tabloid publicity type. It's mainly the reality show crowd like Kendall and the Hadid sisters and the so called Instagram Models who depend on paparazzi shots. There are models and actresses who talk directly to photogs but they're ones who are more into the trappings of fame and tend to live in LA. Candy is not into that celebrity scene at all. She chooses to unwind in Brazil precisely because she not into that scene. That latest round of pics with Anacan in the stroller was taken in front of the IMG Worldwide building BTW.
  6. It's her agency IMG and VS who call the paps
  7. LQ visuals of her Rio candids http://www.redetv.uol.com.br/tvfama/videos/flagras/candice-swanepoel-curte-o-filho-em-hotel-de-luxo-no-rio-de-janeiro http://www.redetv.uol.com.br/tvfama/videos/flagras/candice-swanepoel-faz-ensaio-rodeada-por-homens-no-rio-de-janeiro
  8. +100. RIP Dimebag
  9. YAY. The Queen is back in New York.
  10. He's on the path to looking like Trump's doctor
  11. @Candylicious. THANKS A TON.
  12. OMG. The Queen is back
  13. Happy Birthday beautiful
  14. H E A R T A T T A C K