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  1. Happy Birthday Doutzen
  2. So proud of Martha
  3. Thanks @skrivermodel Roos looks delicious
  4. @gotportugal Great prediction. I'm sad that Candy didn't top the list again this year but she's always number 1 for me
  5. Kate's trip with Justin is like Sideways but without the alcoholism, depression and existential crisis and deep regrets that include a naked bear of a man chasing you out to your car. She looks like a dream though.
  6. I on the other hand am in a state of disbelief that Candy isn't THE sexiest this year. Whoever wins this year is the female version of Trump.
  7. Thanks @Visualizer
  8. I didn't see the title of the vid because I clicked on it so quickly but this looks like the start of every Blacked.com scene
  9. Thanks @LenoreX. Elyse's has never looked hotter
  10. Happy Birthday Jac
  11. @gab6565 Haven't you met her several times? We all envy you
  12. Thanks @Matute. Dani is so lovely in every one these pics