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  1. @elfstone I so wish she would do that
  2. Thanks @skrivermodel for gorgeous Roos
  3. SI should stop giving assignments to Ruven Afanador. He is photographer who shot Nina and Kate Bock this year and Erin last year. All his pictures look like they were edited with an Instagram filter and his styling team is just awful. The hair & make up artist always go for the most unsuitable look for the girls and they managed to reduce some of the beautiful girls on the world to look like click-bait stock photo models. Ben Watts was awesome this year. So glad Rose & Vita shot with him. Hailey looked gorgeous in both shoots, I just wish the pics with James Macari were better lit. MJ should really think about editing the pics less and releasing the BTS pics along with the main ones in UHQ resolution and the videos in 4K. I was disappointed that Emily DiDonato and @DaniL weren't in this year but Kate getting the cover and Barbie's stupid hot shoot more than made up for it
  4. Thanks @Prettyphile #KateTheGreat
  5. Thanks @ILUVAdrianaLima
  6. OMG KATE JUST KILLED ME WITH EMPIRE STATE COVER THE COLLECTOR'S COVER It's been so amazing to be fan her recently. The SI Swim cover was totally unexpected and it was a treat to see her in LOVE Advent too #KateTheGreat
  8. What made me Schwwwinggg! was Mia Kang saying she did derivatives consulting
  9. Thanks @Shepherd. Kate's a goddess
  10. Esquire Celebrates James Corden with Hugo Boss Feb 2017
  11. Watch Magazine February 2017