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  1. Elsa Hosk

  2. @Stormbringer Get your priorities straight. Willow is very pretty but Gemma's beauty is legendary. Gemma is Blackmore at his finest and Willow is his post-Purple career.
  3. Jennifer Lawrence

    @Schemer Yeah but after the divorce, Chris had that whole "are they over for good/are they back together" thing with Gwyneth. Like I said it's just my opinion. I'm leaning to the left of that argument but it wouldn't surprise me if Jen and David O Russell were dating on the sly.
  4. Isabeli Fontana

    @FRANCY ITALY Thank you. She's so sexy in these pics.
  5. Jennifer Lawrence

    She was her director in 3 movies and it was after she broke up with Nicholas Hoult. It was just tabloid rumors and gossip sites but in my opinion they have some truth to them.
  6. Jennifer Lawrence

    @Grievous Eh, people who drink a lot tend to develop kidney problems and cirosis of the liver not to mention the toll it takes on their personal lives. There's also alcoholism. Is that what you want for Jen? I noticed her drinking picked up during her relationship with David On Russell. Wouldn't blame her .
  7. Jennifer Lawrence

    @Grievous A glass of wine in every interview.
  8. Devon Windsor

    Thanks @CandyArrow
  9. Jennifer Lawrence

    @Schemer Yup. I think that she drinks way too much for someone her age.
  10. Candice Swanepoel

    Wish VS would start uploading videos in 4K or 1080p at least.
  11. Candice Swanepoel

  12. Jennifer Lawrence

    Jen looks molten lava hot in this trailer
  13. Gabby Westbrook-Patrick

    One of the biggest mysteries is why this girl isn't booking campaigns left and right. She should be one of the busiest models from her looks alone.
  14. Stephanie Claire Smith