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On 16.12.2017 at 12:08 AM, Scarlet said:

So, I just watched the show and these are my 2 cents:


The Good:
-> Loved the hair, makeup (!!), the diversity of the cast and the even the stage was ok (against all my odds);

-> Balmain was drop dead gorgeous within its style and I hitted replay as soon as ended. Kiwi fitted nicely and the jackets and boots were to die for. Some of the lingerie was very beautiful. I was expecting a segment or a reference to Oliver, I wonder why they didn't make a big deal of being their first colab?

-> Yay for Grace walking mainline!

-> Godesses is probably one of my favorite segments of all the time. Simple, classic, light colors with gold :heart:. The designs were a little repetitive but Romee, Taylor and Blanca were pure perfection. (I would kill to see Sara's in this)

-> Best angels: Adri, Lais, Taylor, Romee and Elsa. It's almost overwelming how beautiful Adriana Lima is, it's unreal.

-> Best newbies: Aiden (I'm loving her Bambi eyes look, I don't care whom she's related to) and Frida (God bless her, even her forehead) 

-> Best comebacks: Karlie (rocking that Malfoy look), Leomi, Bella (!!) and Blanca, 

-> I liked the segment about the nationality of the girls (but I'm bias, since they mentioned my hometown)


The Bad:

-> HATED Martha's pose in Winter's Tale. That was the definition of awkward. So so so so so mad at it. Can we replace her with Karlie? VS wouldn't know the diference and Taytay would be happy anyways.

-> The hell was that kung fu segment? Seriously? It felt way too out of place.

-> Jo is your new main girl. She breaths VS, eats VS, drinks VS. We get it. Can we fast forward to the part where she gets pregnant and leaves? I'm so over her!

-> Ale deserved a bigger shout out but I ain't that mad to see her leave tbh. It's a little overdo and Lily could go as well

-> I don't get the deal with Alexa. Shoot me.

-> The drama about Sui falling was unconfortable, and knowing that they probably got a good walk from her from the other tapping just makes it worse. I'm sad for her and it broke the mood of the show.

-> The edit :/ Always the same, year after year. I felt on the verge of an epileptic attack ( !!!!!!!)



The Ugly:

-> Winter Tale was better than some other Exotic segments, but was still lame. Wish they kept it simple. Sara's outfit without that hell neckless was so pretty, why ruin it?

-> Vanessa Moody (sorry not sorry). Can't believe she closed Godesses, so out of place.!!!!!!!)


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On 26/11/2017 at 3:14 AM, GlitterAndWings said:
On 26/11/2017 at 5:06 AM, PinkCouture said:


Some of the photos looks like the person enlarged them so they seem "HQ"

^ Most were probably taken from Bellazon, though... 


Wth this sounds so rude... I try to help and this is what I get. I have access to Broadimage, Xposure, Vantagenews, Capital Pictures, Rex Features, Splashnews, Gotcha Images, Alpha Press, Sipa USA, Backgrid, X17, Abaca, Cordon Press, Zuma and Getty. Those are from there! I simply downloaded those pics and uploaded to the gallery so I can share with those who need. But comments like those makes me so sad and is so discouraging.

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I tried looking up the Punk segment on youtube. I've watched it on there bfore, I think CBS might have  uploaded it honestly...but now it's gone....as are all the other segments. I even tried using a different internet browser, but nothing....does anyone know where I can watch the segments or the entire show? and why are they removed?? thanks in advance if anyone answers. 

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On 2/27/2018 at 1:59 PM, Andrew Van Der Hypp said:

Late to the party...but it seems like Sara, Martha and Stella have barely been getting any work in VS this year, many people are predicting this will be the new “updated” Angel lineup by this Spring/Summer and to be honest, I’ll be perfectly fine with that :angel: Adriana, Candice (maybe?), Behati (maybe?), Lily, Elsa, Jasmine, Lais, Josephine, Romee and Taylor. 8-10 Angels is perfect, easy to keep track of and eventually we might finally get back to having the Angels get 3 looks again for the fashion show...


u lost

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