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  1. I know this thread hasn’t been as active as it used to but amid the COVID-19/Coronavirus times...I hope all of you and your loved ones are safe out there and I wish you guys the very best ❤️
  2. I think part of that has to do with the models of the older era being more high fashion (with the exception of Tyra and Heidi...hence the cold looks and seriousness) So I kinda agree with you that I prefer the new generation because it was breath of fresh air seeing the likes of Candice, Miranda, Behati, Rosie, Erin, Doutzen etc. my only issue with that era was the lack of diversity, we had like 2-4 models of color out of 30+ white models walking in those shows then compared to like 20+ who walk today and even in the 90s and early 2000s they had a lot of models of color from all walks of life and different ethnicities walk the show but from 2008 to 2013 it was like really white imo lol not that there’s anything wrong with that. I TOLERATE The 2009 show! def had its moments but that model search took over the whole show that it felt like a reality show tbh. But I loved the music choices and the V shaped stage idea (I know a lot of ppl hated it) but the more I watch, it was clever and practical so the performers wouldn’t interact or get in the way of the models. Star Trooper is def an honorable mention but I just couldn’t get past the AWFUL costumey outfits 😭 but 2009 def had potential to be amazing show if they got rid of that model search thingy, gave Alessandra the FB and change some outfits in the segments.
  3. Of course! Anytime I loooove the earlier shows because the Angels and models brought this essence of glamorous untouchable bad bitch energy lol I lived for that, when they didn’t smile or blew kisses and looked so serious, dangerous and sexy. You should def check out the segments I listed on YouTube! they have them all there lol it’s crazy seeing how much the VS show changed within the course of 20 years...it’s insane tbh I HATED the 2013 show too...Taylor Swift overload imo (she made me hate the show tbh but I don’t mind her at all now) and it just made me cringe from beginning to ending as well. too all over the place, opening segment was cheesy as fuck and the in between segments made my skin crawl from second hand embarrassment. Not my fave year but def not the worst *cough cough* 2009, 2015 and 2016......hell, I’ll even throw in 2017 in there too lmao Parisian Nights was literally the ONLY good thing that year, one of my fave segments ever of the later years and I would’ve included Snow Angels in my list but the song choice (Taylor Swift surprise, surprise) didn’t fit at all and it just seemed wrong? lmao definitely should’ve picked a better song for that segment
  4. Mine are: Super Sexy Heroines 2003 Glaaaaamaaazons 2003 Sexy Santa Helpers 2005 Sexy Shadow Dreams 2005 Femme Fatale 2006 Come Fly With Me 2006 PINK 2007 (the only PINK segment I HAVE EVER liked more so than regular segments lmao this PINK was ICONIC) Glamour Goddess 2008 Ballet de Fleurs 2008 Black Tie Holiday 2008 All Aboard 2009 Enchanted Forest 2009 Tough Love 2010 Game On 2010 Wild Things 2010 Ballet 2011 I Put A Spell On You 2011 Circus 2012 Silver Screen Angels 2012 Parisian Nights 2013 Gilded Angels 2014 Fairy Tale 2014 Angel Ball 2014 best shows were definitely from the late 90s- 2014. IMO 2014 was the last “good” show. Everything since then has been a mess.
  5. Exactly what I said lmaooo the future of the brand is looking VERY grim, what a shame. I don’t know how they can recover from this but I feel like more bombshells will be announced soon. A show this year is pointless and tone deaf.
  6. I believe they called Barbara P fat too after the 2012 show and many other models from my understanding. That brand has been toxic lmao it just took until 2018-2020 until it was ALL exposed. That’s a shame really. I still can’t fathom why they would even do a show...it’s nonsensical at this point and definitely won’t get the same views in the millions they’re so used to.
  7. Welp 👀 I always wondered why Frida never came back, I enjoyed her in VSFS 2012...guess we know why! lmao more models/former Angels will speak up eventually too. VS is honestly a mess.
  8. It was certainly fun while it lasted that’s for sure. I’m curious how the “show” will be received this year because at this point, anything they do will be met with criticism. I don’t think it’s necessary for a show this year imo even if it’ll just be on a streaming platform.
  9. This is VERY unfortunate for the brand, it’s always one blow after the other. I always got creep vibes from Ed so I’m glad this coming to light. I feel so bad for the “new” most recent Angels...just got signed to a brand that’s a sinking ship straight to hell. Just a hot mess.
  10. Am I the only one who forgot Barbara, Grace, Leomie and Alexina were “Angels”? big yikes
  11. Omg same! That was by far the very best PINK segment ever! The lineup was fierce asf, the outfits were cute and consistent with the theme and the music was PERFECT! agreed as well, a lot of people hate the 2009 show but even tho it’s one of my least faves, I love the overall energy the show had. It felt so interactive with the audience and I don’t mind that it almost looked like a concert and I actually liked the V shaped runway idea tbh it was clever and cute. Overall, you can’t lie and say 2009 didn’t have some good segments (All Aboard and Enchanted Forest were the best but Star Trooper was a hot ass mess lmao)
  12. Same. Honestly, now I don’t even know what was the point of the new Angels announced this year? Is the show indefinitely cancelled or just cancelled this year? because almost every media outlet and their Wikipedia page is saying it’s a officially cancelled.
  13. I don’t think it has anything to do with the fatphobic and transphobic comments Ed made, whole that definitely did put a dent in the brand’s sales, but even before he made those comments the brand was already a sinking ship because of low sales and also the fashion show hasn’t had a high viewership since like 2014..
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