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Your Top 10 Babes

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I was way way too lazy to do anything more than this :rofl: but this is my current list, most of the girls are new to the scene, I guess I got bored of the usual suspects :ninja: 





My two main ?: Adriana Lima & Elsa Hosk

Barbara Palvin, Nina Agdal, Alexandria Morgan

Cami Morrone, Jac Jagaciak, Hannah Fegusson, Yulia Rose, Daniela López Osorio

Bruna Lirio, Lorena Rae, Chase Carter, Bella Hadid, Edymar Martínez

Girls who are growing a lot on me, in no particular order: Carmella Rose, McKenna Berkeley, Hanna Edwinson, Scarlett Leithold & Alexis Ren

Honorable mention to Miss Bar Refaeli who is going to be always one of my crushes but left her out because she is currently on maternity leave and hasn't done anything in months. Also Miss Natalie Ludwig who just killed it in fashion week

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i have more but my top 10 now is :

no order :

1.Candice Swanepoel

2.Barbara Palvin 

3.Nina Agdal

4.Hanna Edwinson

5.Robin Holzken

6. Sara Sampaio

7.Rose Bertram

8.Emily Didonato

9.Josephine skriver

10.Elsa Hosk

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@Prettyphile I know you like my lists :blah: 


Proper top 10 list:


Diane Invasian

Leanna Decker

Kristina Chai

Vicki Li

Michea Crawford (obvs.)

Kristina Basham 

Dita Von Teese

Amelia Talon

Anna Nystrom

Ariel Winter


@RIP_Cabrini_Green @ILUVAdrianaLima @Stromboli1 @Stormbringer Brothers, thoughts or you share yours? :Amelie_wft:

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Solid, Solid list @Limerlight, A few new girls I had never heard about, always fun finding new faces to Keep an eye on stalk

My list as of this very second, which I'm sure would be different tomorrow.......but..


1: Alissa Violet    She's fucking hilarious, and a nutcase on all of her social media, and I'm in love

2: Lauren Rhodes  British babe. Fantastic body

3: Lorena Rae Despite letting her brother paint her, I still love her

4: Danielle Knudson Don't think BZ needs my explanation for her

5: Brooklyn Decker The reason I ever got into S.I. in the first place

6: Kristin Fisher My favorite Fox News DC Correspondent, sexy redhead

7: Erin Burnett My favorite journalist on T.V., CNN Anchor

8: Margot Robbie Fucking YUM

9: Lydia Simonis My new Aussie Muse

10: Caitlin Arnett Probably considered a butterface to 99% of people on here, but I like her body soooooo :p


And yes, I'm into blondes. I can't help it. Sue me. haha

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10 hours ago, Limerlight said:

@RIP_Cabrini_Green @ILUVAdrianaLima @Stromboli1 @Stormbringer Brothers, thoughts or you share yours? :Amelie_wft:


Looks like a good list to me. Anna is on the fitness side of things. :ddr:


I'll make my list if I get a chance while I'm on vacation/holiday, if not I'll do it when I get home.

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@RIP_Cabrini_Green - Lydia Simonis. Downloaded dozens of pics from her IG account a few weeks back, had all but forgotten. Here's a couple; going to put them all on her BZ page in a second... you have great taste! Wish we could find more of her.

18702_704942419631264_4577035950389724759_n.jpg 1390428_1551954068467318_1566137720_n.jpg 10007428_589233984535442_4913904130604932908_n.jpg
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As of right now... these are my favorite models



1. Laetitia Casta

2. Thylane Blondeau 

3. Adriana Lima



4. Taylor Hill

5. Lais Ribeiro


TOP 10

6. Josephine Skriver

7. Marloes Horst

8. Imaan Hammam

9. Candice Swanepoel 

10. Kelly Gale





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These are my favorite models who aren't super models.


Favorite High Fashion Models

1 Gia Johnson Singh

2 Olivia Garson

3 Lauren Marshall

4 Amira Ahmed

5 Abby Brothers

6 Janini Milet 

7 Charlotte Carter- Allen

8 Aniko Michnyaova

9Fanny Anselme

10 Lays Silva


Favorite Commercial Models

1 Armanda Barten

2 Lauren Mellor

3 Bailey Nortje

4 Vanessa Fonseca

5 Rayla Jacunda

6 Jamie Gunns

7 Alexandra Collins

8 Zabeena Harris

9 Analu Campos

10 Zita Galgociova



Favorite Classic Models

1 Anouk Baijings

2 Annaloes Slagheke

3 Maria Bailey

4 Lauren Gold

5 Sarah Grunewald

6 Yasmina Rossi

7 Roxanne Gould

8 Jacqui Ainsley

9 Asha Leo

10 Anel Odendaal




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