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Your Top 10 Babes

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Haven't posted one of these in years...

1. IU (K-Pop Singer)

2. Enji Knight (Cosplayer)

3. Summer Glau (Actress, Fox - Firefly; Fox - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

4. Mi Hee Hwang (Korean Sports Model)

5. Petra Nemcova (Czech Fashion Model)

6. Amanda Tam (Facebook Girl)

7. Heart Evangelista (Actress, GMA - Legacy)

8. Kelsey Chow (Actress, Disney - Pair of Kings)

9. Daiana Menezes (Brazilian Model/Actress)

10. Susan Coffey (American Fashion Model)

Honorable Mention:

- Cobie Smulders (Actress, CBS - How I Met Your Mother)

- Maja Salvador (Actress, ABS-CBN)

- Mini Anden (Sweedish Fashion Model)

- Sophie Turner (Australian Glamour Model)

- Kato (Designer, Steampunk Couture)

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Havn't posted one in 5, maybe 6 years. :nicole:

1. Candice Swanepoel

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

3. Nina Agdal

4. Bar Refaeli

5. Alyssa Miller

6. Stephen Colbert

7. Kate Beckinsale

8. Petra Nemcova

9. Kate Upton

10. Brianna Frost

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1. Scarlett Johansson

2. Mariah Carey

3. Christina Hendricks

4. Tatiana Okupnik (Polish pop singer)

5. Beyonce

6. Salma Hayek

7. Joanna Liszowska (Polish actress)

8. Serena Williams

9. Monica Bellucci

10. Aldona Orman (Polish actress)

Honorable mentions: Eva Amurri, Jessica Biel, Fergie, Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes, Uma Thurman, Marisa Tomei

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Alina Vacariu

Sunny Leone


Abella Anderson

Bar Refaeli

Kelly Brook

Josie Maran

Jessica Gomes

Sofia Vergara

Arianny Celeste

:wub: As usual special mention to AnaBBfan and Mirror's Venus :hehe:

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VS list

1. Miranda Kerr (see photo) post-61031-0-05801300-1346164164_thumb.j

2. Candace Swanepoel

3. Elsa Hosk

4. Lindsey Ellingson

5. Duetzen Kroes

6. Magdalena Frackowiak

7. Behati Prinsloo

8. Erin Heatherton

9. (tie) Elise Taylor and Lais Ribeiro

10. Ale Allessandro (for old time's sake; used to be #1.)

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10 Models I've Really Been Digging Lately


Gigi Paris » Jacquelyn Jablonski » Karlina Caune » Melissa Tammerijn » Constance Jablonski

Anna Speckhart » Jessica Sikosek » Ella Kandyba » Dalia Guenther » Montana Cox

+ Girlies I Also Love

Alissa Geraghty · Lauren Layne · Caterina Ravaglia · Daphne Groeneveld · Olivia Thomsen

Valerie van der Graaf · Mirte Maas · Josephine Skriver · Caroline Corinth

+ Like a million more I'm not listing here like I just love models so much

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Haven't updated in away so I decided to post my Top 25 Favorite Model & Actress/Singers (based on looks and or modeling skills/talent). I'm sure one or two of them will come as a surprise.

Enjoy :)

post-1004-0-1446023967-32242_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-36325_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-40101_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-42894_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-47476_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-66479_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-71012_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-7807_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-79605_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-80975_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-85113_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-8865_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-93566_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-96205_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023967-9794_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-0181_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-03077_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-14815_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-16958_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-20043_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-21334_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-2415_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-28134_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-30976_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-33956_thumb.jpg



(In no particular order)

post-1004-0-1446023968-36368_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-50645_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-56481_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-58196_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-59424_thumb.jpg

post-1004-0-1446023968-6139_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-6282_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-64052_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-6911_thumb.jpg post-1004-0-1446023968-70821_thumb.jpg

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