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  1. Baby.Jude9

    Gigi Paris

    Name: Jehane-Marie "GiGi" Paris Height: 5' 8.5 Bust: 33 A Waist: 24 Hips: 35.5 Dress: 2 Shoe: 8.5 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Age: 17 Agencies: Wilhelmina Los Angeles Wilhelmina Miami Wilhelmina New York (From The Wilhelmina Website) What do you think?
  2. Baby.Jude9

    Rachel Yampolsky

    Rachel Yampolsky Height: 5'5" Hair: Blonde Eyes: Hazel Bust: 32 Waist: 24 Hips: 33 Nationality: American Agencies: No Ties Management Photogenics The Agency Arizona
  3. Baby.Jude9

    Genevieve Rokero

    Genevieve Rokero Height: 5' 9 Measurements: 33B-24-34 Hair: Strawberry Blonde Eyes: Hazel Agencies: Seattle Models Guild Wilhelmina Models LA MC2 Miami MC2 New York
  4. Baby.Jude9

    Lyza Onysko

    Lyza Onysko (Also sometimes credited as Lisa Onysko) Nationality: Ukrainian Height: 5'10 Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Brown Agencies: Louisa Models Storms Models MC2 Model Management (NY, Miami, Tel Aviv) image via MC2
  5. Baby.Jude9

    Jessica Sikosek

    Jessica Sikosek Height: 5′ 8″ Bust: 32 B Waist: 22″ Hips: 33″ Dress Size: 0 Shoe Size: 8 Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown Agenicies: Vision Los Angeles Next Miami Models 1 London d'Management Group Milan visionla
  6. Baby.Jude9

    Manon Leloup

    Manon Leloup Stunning new Frenchie who walked for Calvin Klein this season. Hair - Brown Eyes - Blue/Grey Height - 5'11" Bust - 31.5" Waist - 23" Hips - 35" Nationality - French Agencies - Marilyn Paris FM London WhyNot Milan Wilhelmina New York fmmodelagency
  7. Baby.Jude9

    Charlotte Free

    Charlotte Free Height: 5'7" Bust: 31" Waist: 24" Hips: 33" Dress: 2 Shoe: 8 Hair: Pink Eyes: Blue Age: 18 Hometown: Los Angeles, USA Agencies: IMG Her look intrigues me, to say the very least. I'm not sure how I feel about her. I guess I'm going to have to wait until I see more of her.
  8. Baby.Jude9

    Janini Milet

    Name: Janini Milet Age: 23 Height: 5'8.5'' Bust: 33 Waist: 24.5 Hips: 34.5 Hair: Blonde/Brown Eyes: Green Shoes: 8.5 Agencies: Elite Miami Premier Management Code Model Management Fashion Model Management Delia*s: P.S.: As of now, the only pictures of her I can find are the ones from Delia*s, so, if you like her, it would be nice for you to try to find some more of her. Thanks!
  9. Baby.Jude9

    Tatiana Platon

    Tatiana Platon Height: 5'9.5" / 177CM Bust: 34" / 86CM Waist: 24" / 61CM Hips: 35" / 89CM Shoe: 8 US / 40EU / 7 UK Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Brown Nationality: Moldovan Agencies: Contrebende Paris Louisa Models Munich/Hamburg Next Models LA/Miami/NY/Milan/London image via contrebende
  10. Baby.Jude9

    Can you...

    Pretty self explanitary. Works like this: ----- Can you ride a bike? ----- Yes. Can you speak German? ----- No. Can you bake apple pie? ----- Pretty simple, right? Okay, so now for the first one: Can you sew?
  11. Baby.Jude9

    Morven Macsween

    Morven Macsween Nationality: Scottish Age: 22? (23?) Height: 5'9" Bust: 32 Waist: 23 Hips: 34 Hair: Dk Brown Eyes: Green Agencies: Premier Models UK Mega Models Berlin Major Models Paris
  12. Baby.Jude9

    2018 SI Swimsuit

    Gigi Paris is headed to castings to today (just posted on her insta story). She probably won't make the cut but hopefully we'll at least get some pictures or videos out of it.
  13. Baby.Jude9

    To Muscle or not to Muscle

    I don't know. I was inspired to start a discussion like this. So, we have girls who are extremely skinny, pretty much just bones and the layers of skin who cover it. Then, we have women who are of a larger variety, who carry a little bit more fat with this. We, also, have women who are just average; not skinny and not too large, just in the middle. However, there is also another factor. Muscle. Many times, there are girls who have slim bodies, but, due to muscle, appear larger. I am one of those girls. Of the average-to-slim vareity, but, appear larger than they really are to due a lot of muscle. And you? [Note: If there is anything wrong or offensive with this topic, just tell me, and I'll get a Mod to delete it! ]
  14. Baby.Jude9

    Alli Lanier

    Alli Lanier Height - 5'7.5'' Bust - 32 Waist - 24 Hips - 34 Dress - 2 Shoe - 8.5 Hair - Blonde Eyes - Blue/Green Nationality - ? Place of Birth - ? Date of Birth - ? Agencies - Wilhelmina Miami
  15. Baby.Jude9

    Cassi Chloupek

    Cassi Chloupek Height: 5' 9''/175cm Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue - Green Agencies: LA Models (listed as Cassi C)
  16. Baby.Jude9

    8 Anthropologie Models

    8 models from the anthropolige.eu website. TIA! 1. IDed - Gemma Sanderson 2. IDed - Thea Owens 3. IDed - Heidi Harrington Johnson 4. IDed - Anna Iaryn 5. 6. IDed - Lyza Onysko 7. Svea Kloosterhof? 8. IDed - Abi Fox
  17. Baby.Jude9

    Nicole Harrison

    Amore & Sorvete 2 [2/2] Ph: Nick Cooper +video apertunityproductions
  18. Baby.Jude9

    Nicole Harrison

    Amore & Sorvete 2 [1/2] Ph: Nick Cooper apertunityproductions
  19. Baby.Jude9

    Gigi Paris

    She's bee represented by them for maybe 2/3 years now. All the pictures in her portfolio are old, she's never been credited for being hired out of there, and she's never listed them as one of her management teams on social media. Don't think she's actually represented there, even though I don't know how they could put her on their site then.
  20. Baby.Jude9

    Gigi Paris

    Tilly's Swim 2016 Lookbook
  21. Baby.Jude9

    2016 SI Swimsuit

    I noticed that and was gonna make a comment too You can definitely tell she expected to get the cover and is not pleased that she didn't....
  22. Baby.Jude9

    2016 SI Swimsuit

    She's only at ~190k followers on instagram and to my knowledge she was only at about ~130k previously. Maybe you mean 40k? I only know because I checked her follower count this morning. I expected (and was hoping) to see a much bigger surge after getting the cover, but I guess not. Maybe she just got lost in all the Ashley/Ronda hype
  23. Baby.Jude9

    Gigi Paris

    Oh, well in that case no problem and enjoy! Sorry I could only provide on the hand and not on the other
  24. Baby.Jude9

    Gigi Paris

    By the way, just as an update, she's no longer signed with One.1 in New York. I don't know if she's going to show up any where else or if she's content just to work out of LA...
  25. Baby.Jude9

    Gigi Paris

    No problem @RogerMore! As far as better quality of those slight nudes go, all the pictures were taken from Jared Thomas Kocka's official tumblr, where he posts all of his shoots. Your best hope to get those in better quality would probably be to contact him and ask for them. And for the other pics, gosh, those are so old! I remember seeing those in her Wilhelmina portfolio when I first started following her, probably 5 years ago now or whenever I made this topic. Unfortunately, I don't have any idea where those pictures came from, who took them, or what they're for. My best guess might be that they're Delia's outtakes by Danielle St. Laurent, but I already went to check his website and couldn't find anything. I'm afraid any HQ copies of those pics might just be lost in the internet abyss.