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  1. Props to the Photogs on getting great long distance shots! Izzy takes the best candids and her body is amazing !
  2. I have to say I'm in luv with this women at first I thought maybe her hips and rear were a lil too slim,but now I feel ashamed. She doesn't take a bad pic even her candids are sexy,who cares about her butt!Her camera personality and her sexiness is overwhelming. I agree she's like a beautiful princess! She has the "IT" factor in spades! thank you to person that run this blog ! lol to ROMEE STRIJD
  3. I agree,Taylor has become a "Supermodel"
  4. Here is a great gift of Candice I know she has been mentioned several times in this blog. But you can always count on Candice for that great shot,she is the best butt model in fashion,and she knows it.there have been more pictures of her rear.than most models have in their entire career.
  5. Wanna say "Happy Birthday Taylor !"
  6. All I can say is OMG ! Jenna has started out with a bang! And its important that she makes good decisions at this point in her career,she's got my hopes up for her. Wish her good luck ! And can't wait to see what she does next.Thank You for Shareing
  7. Hope you don't mind if I post a couple pics from c heads magazine,
  8. Kudos Pith, you've got another hot model on your hands,this model has the look! Seems like you always get the hottest models
  9. Don't forget two of the hottest models in the world Candice Swanepoel and Behati Prinsloo
  10. No Doubt,she was the head model for the house of Chanel in Paris,she is a well trained couture model since she was 14,VS is easy money for her and it will make her name more popular,also she only has to do a couple of runway shows a year.In my opinion she's in the top 5 best models in the world at the present time.
  11. Jessica is so hot too bad this post is not kept up here is a few pics
  12. She's going to catch fire soon,I see she's done some catalog modeling,hope she gets good mngmt.Cause she's has all the makeings of a supermodel and oh yeah a great smile and that butt !
  13. Carmella has got the midas touch !and she is working her ass off. Thanks for great work updating this blog daily.
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