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  1. {name}

    Models Championship;

    Nina/ Jac/ Bella/ Georgia
  2. {name}

    Miss Popularity... RESULTS

    Danielle Knudson Sandra Kubicka Chanel Iman Yulia Rose Irina Shayk Annie Ericson
  3. {name}

    Fashion Battles.

    Viola, Ella, Julia + Caitriona, Daisy, Sofie
  4. {name}

    Models Championship;

    Esti/ Elizabeth/ Maggie/ Vanessa
  5. {name}

    SI Swimsuit Image Competition - RESULTS

    Bar Refaeli (2007) 10Brooklyn Decker (2008)Marisa Miller (2007) 10Nina Agdal (2015) 30Rose Bertram (2015)
  6. {name}

    Miss Popularity... RESULTS

    Anastasiya Scheglova Lara Stone Jessica Morrow Ginta Lapina Eniko Mihalik Kelly Gale abcabcabc
  7. {name}

    Miss Popularity... RESULTS

    <3 @Prettyphile yes but i'm back now! miss this <3
  8. {name}

    Miss Popularity... RESULTS

    Karolina Kurkova 1Joan Smalls 1Andreea Diaconu 1.2Jessica Lee Buchanan 3.5Irina Sharipova 2.5Bruna 1
  9. {name}

    Fashion Battles.

    Hannah, Anne, Hailey + Chrissy, Hunter, Bianca
  10. {name}

    Models Championship;

    Luna / Abby/ Kassie/ Yulia
  11. {name}

    SI Swimsuit Image Competition - RESULTS

    Anne V. (2013) Bar Refaeli (2008) 30 Cintia Dicker (2013) Emily DiDonato (2014) 10 Kate Upton (2014) 10
  12. {name}

    Miss Popularity... RESULTS

    Marisa Cara Kendra 3 Catrinel Alicia 12 Jessica
  13. {name}

    2014 VS Catalogue Competition

    Adriana 2 / ALe 1
  14. {name}

    Doutzen or Bregje's butt

  15. {name}

    Alyssa - Emily - Candice

    Candice but i love emily too
  16. {name}

    Emily R vs Bar

    Prettier emily. Body bar
  17. {name}

    Nina Agdal vs Bar Refaeli

    Bar x3
  18. {name}

    Emily Didonato vs Marloes Horst

    Sexier marloes and prettier emily
  19. {name}

    VS Pink Model Competition

    Candice: Face: 8.5 Body: 10 How well does she represent the brand? 10 Charisma: 8 X-Factor/Star Quality: 9 Nina :Face: 4.5 Body: 10 How well does she represent the brand? 9 Charisma: 7 X-Factor/Star Quality: 9
  20. {name}

    VS Pink Model Competition

    Lindsay Face: 6 Body: 5 How well does she represent the brand? 3 Charisma: 3 X-Factor/Star Quality: 5 Elsa Face: 4 Body: 9 How well does she represent the brand? 9 Charisma: 9 X-Factor/Star Quality: 8
  21. {name}

    Best Editorial Models

    I found an interesting post on another forum and thought it might give an interesting competition. who do you think that are the best models editorially? You must choose a model and 10 pictures of different editorials with her. You need not be a fan of the model, just like to see the editorials with her. (Posing ability, facial expressions, etc...) I think if it's a newer model, which has not so many editorials, you guys can nominate more than one pic of each editorial. It would be good to find images of face, full body...
  22. {name}


    1. Alyssa Milano 2. Gemma Arterton 3. Minka Kelly 4. Alexis Bledel 5. Ashley Judd 6. Elizabeth Banks 7. Kate Winslet 8. Lena Headey
  23. can I please ask for a set with this pics?