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  1. Sorry for not replying earlier, but as you can see it is impossible to do any more contests like this, so I give up. I would have liked to do a few more editions of actresses and models but anyway... In my opinion, separating them from the polls wasn't a good idea at all, and I think it is one of the main reasons why there is way fewer people here now. Take care.
  2. Yes, well, but it is 48 hours now, and 13 votes, I honestly believe it is an utopia to get to 20. While we were getting 22-25 very easily every 24 hours in the past.
  3. Thanks, but I am afraid I am going to have to cancel this contest again, cause it is totally impossible to get 20 votes, we have only 10 in more than 24 hours so far. And this is probably the last time I try. I don't really know, but I honestly believe that separating the competitions from the polls killed this subforum, the amount of people currently around is ridiculous compared to what it was before. And I think many people who were initially only interested on polls were participating in some contests at the end, and now that is very unlikely cause they are in different places.
  4. 1. Melanie Laurent 2. Rosamund Pike 3. Elizabeth Olsen 4. Isabel Lucas 5. Jessica Lowndes 6. Elizabeth Banks 7. Ali Larter 8. Genesis Rodriguez
  5. OK, here we go... Let's see if we can have 20 votes per day. PLEASE vote always in PLAIN TEXT if possible, it will be much easier when I am counting the votes. Thanks. FIRST PRELIMINARY ROUND, DAY 1 OF 4: 1. Alyssa Milano vs Melanie Laurent 2. Gemma Arterton vs Rosamund Pike 3. Elizabeth Olsen vs Minka Kelly 4. Isabel Lucas vs Alexis Bledel 5. Ashley Judd vs Jessica Lowndes 6. Rose Byrne vs Elizabeth Banks 7. Ali Larter vs Kate Winslet 8. Genesis Rodriguez vs Lena Headey DEADLINE: In about 24 hours, with a minimum of 20 votes. TEXT TEMPLATE: 1. Alyssa Milano vs Melan
  6. Well, I don't know if anybody is reading... but I am gonna try to resume these contests and start this one next Monday July 8th. If it works, I'd do a fashion models next.
  7. Well... not many answers in 3-4 days. Anyway, I can see other contests with 20 votes each day at the moment, so I think we can try.
  8. LOL! 6-7 months ago and people are still voting. I was just wondering if it is feasible to try it again, we are going to need 20+ vote per day for that. It's been more than 1 year now since we finished the last one, time flies. I could try to run the Actresses 11th edition again during July, and the Models 12th edition in August. What do you think?
  9. Well, 48 hours and we don't have 20 votes yet, so I think it is better to cancel it and wait for another time when we can be around 20 every day, as it used to be before. We will try again some day. Sorry about that.
  10. 9. Danneel Harris 10. Cobie Smulders 11. Katie Cassidy 12. Kate Mara 13. Jessica Chastain 14. Gemma Arterton 15. Emily Blunt 16. Amy Acker
  11. It's been more than 3 days to get 20 votes, so I don't know... if we can't get 20 votes daily I will probably cancel and postpone the contest until we are more people around. PLEASE vote always in PLAIN TEXT if possible, it will be much easier when I am counting the votes. Thanks. FIRST PRELIMINARY ROUND, DAY 2 OF 4: 9. Danneel Harris vs Michelle Trachtenberg 10. Cobie Smulders vs Jamie Chung 11. Sophie Marceau vs Katie Cassidy 12. Berenice Marlohe vs Kate Mara 13. Ali Larter vs Jessica Chastain 14. Jennifer Aniston vs Gemma Arterton 15. Rebecca Romijn vs Emily Blunt 1
  12. FIRST PRELIMINARY ROUND, DAY 1 OF 4 RESULTS: 1. Jessica Biel vs Emilie De Ravin 14-6 2. Rosamund Pike vs Maggie Grace 11-6 3. Jaimie Alexander vs Jessica Stroup 8-9 4. Elisha Cuthbert vs Lena Headey 12-8 5. Elizabeth Banks vs Kaya Scodelario 9-10 6. Lyndsy Fonseca vs Astrid Berges-Frisbey 13-5 7. Melanie Laurent vs Minka Kelly 10-10 8. Chyler Leigh vs Eva Green 9-11
  13. Only 11 votes so far, maybe starting in a weekend wasn't a good idea, so I am going to give another 24 hours...
  14. Alina Vacariu Alyssa Miller 10 Amanda Brandao Nicole Harrison Nina Agdal
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