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  1. ROUND 6 Silvia from Slovakia 14 years old, 175 cm/5'9'' Modeling has always been a dream for me and as long as I can remember I’ve loved to dress up and take pictures of myself. So I’m really exited that I was discovered by a model scout while I was out walking. I think you can say that I’m addicted to fashion, I love flipping through magazines like Slovakien Eva and Italien Vouge, but I also love to check out new collections on internet and go shopping of course. My favorite model is Adriana Lima, I think that she’s amazing, she is just so beautiful and has a great career. VS. Trini
  2. Estella Warren (9) Shalom Harlow (8) Rebecca Romijn (10) Olga Kurylenko (10) Andie MacDowell (10) Famke Janssen (10) Lily Cole (10) Tao Okamoto (10) Sofía Vergara (9) Gemma Ward (8) Mini Anden (5)
  3. Cher (Clueless) Elena (Mask/Return of Zorro) Maria (The Impossible) Veronica Sawyer (Heathers)
  4. Laura (Laura) Tracy Lord (The Philadelphia Story) White Witch (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe)
  5. ROUND 5 Marilhea from France 18 years old, 180 cm/5'11'' I am a very simple girl, naturally smiling and perfectionnist: I am passionate about fashion, but I like drawing very much too, and other varieties of art: I am studying at the Beaux Arts, and becoming a model is a chance for me to discover a new and creative world that has always fascinated me, the little girl from the countryside! I love all things related to fashion, art and design, and my favorite memories of this adventure are definitely the priceless bonds I've created with the other finalists. vs. Moyin from Nigeria
  6. Ale Face: 7 Body: 9 How well does she represent the brand? 10 Charisma: 10 X-Factor/Star Quality: 10 Jessica Face: 7 Body: 9 How well does she represent the brand? 6 Charisma: 10 X-Factor/Star Quality: 9
  7. Nicole (How to Steal a Million) Lady Sara Ashley (Australia) Jenny Everdeane (The Gangs of New York)
  8. Adriana Lima (10) Natasha Barnard (1) Magdalena Frackowiak (1) Candice Swanepoel (3) Edita Vilekviciute (9) Gisele Bundchen (5) Emily Didonato (2) Doutzen Kroes (10)
  9. ROUND 4 Alecia from Cape-Verde 15 years old, 175 cm/5'9'' I would love to live and work in Paris, the capital of fashion! That's why I want to be the best I can, and give everything to this Final. It could be such an amazing springboard for my whole career. I remember reading magazines when I was a little girl, dreaming it would be me one day, but I've always had many other interests and hobbies, which I think are essential to lead a balanced and serene life: I love dancing, being with friends and working out. I'm passionate about fashion and medicine, which are closer than you may thi
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